Saturday, June 1, 2013

Children's Day - Let's Celebrate!

I am a huge fan of Children's Day!!! Why, you ask? Because it gives me another excuse to celebrate the sweet children in my life! Not that I particularly need an excuse to do so, but it does give me one for sure! After all, we celebrate moms on Mother's Day, dads on Father's Day, Grandparents on Grandparent's Day and even our sweeties on Sweetest Day and while I understand these may just be excuses to spur sales of cards and flowers by the cards and flowers companies :-) it is a wonderful thing to pause from our busy lives and celebrate all these special people!

So, I say, celebrate the sweet children in our lives on Children's Day! Let them know how very happy and thankful you are they are in your life! I'm planning to celebrate my sweet grandsons . . . I let them pick the menu . . . so far Josiah is leaning towards spaghetti or pb and j if it is too hot for spaghetti! He'd like corn on the cob and chocolate cake with pudding on it! Whatever he settles on, I'm very happy to fix it for him and Caleb! :-)

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a webex from Leap Frog and review their new Monster's University Leap Pad game and Tag Reader 3D book - I'll be reviewing these and announcing a give-away on Monday so stay tuned for this! - so I'm giving the boys some extra books for their Tag and Tag Jr Readers and an inflatable shark ride-on for the pool! We will make some ginormous bubbles and the boys will get to play outside . . . and, of course, there will be hugs and kisses, too! I love the sweet children in my life and I love celebrating Children's Day!

Children's Day is one week from tomorrow on June 9th, so . . . what are your plans to celebrate the sweet children in your life?

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