Thursday, June 27, 2013

DIY Ice Cream Makers!

Coffee Can Ice Cream Maker
Summer days and ice cream go together! Add in grandchildren and this is an absolute classic combination which is sure to provide warm memories for years to come! While there are certainly enjoyable ice creams available for you to buy in your nearest grocery store, making your own is not only a way to know what all the ingredients are, but a way to create fun memories with your grandchildren!

But, what if you do not have an ice cream maker? The answer to this question is simple . . . make your own! I went searching on the internet for inexpensive ways to make your own ice cream maker . . . I'm happy to say I found a site with DIY plans for doing exactly this! Check these out . . . 
  • Coffee can and ice! This one is pretty simple and fun - just follow the directions, fill both cans and let your grandchildren roll it around until you have ice cream! Even though I have an ice cream maker, I might try this with the boys one of these days!
  • Zippy Bags and ice!!! This is also very simple - and may be the DIY I try since it is easier for me to get my hands on zippy bags than it is for me to find cans!
  • Hand mixer and ice - this looks like it might take awhile, but may be an option which works for some.
  • Food Processor and ice - again, if you have a food processor, this might be a good option for you.
Well, these are just a few ideas - so what do you think? Have you ever tried any of these or think you might try one or more?

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