Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Grandma Contest . . . Still Time to Enter!

There are still five days to enter the "Favorite Things to Do With My Grandchildren Idea Contest" . . . just comment below to let me know what your favorite things are to do with your grandchildren. So far the following ladies have shared their favorite things ideas . . . 
  • Mary said, "Our house is where the grandchildren get to paint, color and do anything else artistic. Their parents don't like the mess. I say, 'how else are they supposed to learn if they don't try it?' My favorite thing to do is let them help make up a batch of silly putty and then have a little contest to see who can make the neatest little figure. Of course, they all win! Also, jewelry making is fun and easy."
  • Deborah McMaster said, "So many things for me, too! With the five and eight year old girls we make banana bread. Even through the five year old doesn't like to eat it, LOL! The eight year old loves to spend 'alone time' with me: playing an older game and writing stories about a giraffe. Five year old: sitting on my lap playing a computer game. Three year old: watching a particular Mickey Sing-A- Long. I comment and we clap and dance all the way through. Two year old grandson: we walk and hold hands. My sixteen year old and I play pool, go to a golf driving range and eat out. By the way, with all the younger ones the big thing is children's music when in my car." (By the way, Deborah, try anything from Go Fish Guys for music - my grandsons love them!)
  • Linda Haley said, "We have so many 'favorite' things to do with our grandchildren! They are now seven and nine years old. They do not live near us, but, we get them for a week or two each summer. Some of our favorite things to do are things they don't get to do at home. We LOVE to catch lightning bugs in mason jars and then bring the jars in at night and watch them light up. We play hide and seek at night with Glo Sticks. It is so much fun hearing their giggles as I try to 'find' them! We love to go on walks and pick up special rocks and sticks! We take coins and put them on the railroad tracks and then play at the park and wait for the train to 'squash' the coins. Then, PawPaw puts a hole in them and makes them coin necklaces! We LOVE bringing the queen sized mattress of the bed into the den fo slumber parties! We have coke and pop corn and watch movies all night! They love waking up and having 'coffee' with me in the mornings (mostly milk and sugar, but it is warm and in coffee mugs). We enjoy our 'grands' so much! Each visit is a new adventure, but these are things they look forward to each visit!"
  • Teresa Maddox said, "I love taking them to the pool. We like making movie theater popcorn with my popcorn maker and watching their favorite shows I record for them like Duck Dynasty and Billy the Exterminator and Swamp People. Having sleepovers and going to the movies. Spending as much time with each other since their dad was killed last year. We talk on the phone, too! As they say, 'I'm the best grandma in the world!'"
  • Rosella Rowe said, "I love to bake and cook with my grandkids. It teaches them to take turns and they have to share. The pool is up so we swim - it is only four feet high which helps me out a lot when I have all four at once. We play with bubbles, roll balls, chase each other and the youngest's favorite; going for walks. When we do we jump walk funny like monsters, monkeys, ducks, etc. Then there is the park - oh my, the kids have a blast!"
As you can see, we have a wealth of great ideas which have been shared by these grandmas so far! Thank you each of you for sharing . . . there is still time for you to get in this contest by sharing what your favorite thing is to do with your grandchildren - as long as you do so by the end of June. Then, in July we will vote for the idea we like the best and the grandma with the winning idea will win a prize package. So far I've
announced one part of the prize package, the book 
Bubblegum, Maps, and Missing Patience  (you'll find it at this link), so today I want to let you know there will also be one Veggie Tales: The Little House That Stood dvd! (You'll find the review at this link) This VeggieStory combines Jesus' parable of the wise & foolish builders, the three pigs and VeggieTales which guarantees you plenty of laughs and silliness, but most  importantly, solid teaching about how we need to follow the "Master Builder's Handbook" and build our lives on a firm foundation!

So please join in the fun and please comment below with your favorite thing to do with your grandchildren . . . do you have a game you love to play, a favorite recipe you love to prepare together, a special place you love to go together, do you plan special days each Summer for activities you do together . . . what do you do together? 

And all you moms who take the time to read grandma's cookie jar please stay tuned as later this week I'll announce a contest for moms, too! :-)



  1. I have had to scale activities down this summer for financial reasons. But I am finding numerous free and inexpensive things to do with Zoe age 7 and Max who just turned 3. Zoe and I do a lot of reading.We all enjoy water balloons. One of out favorites is cloud pictures. I throw an old quilt on the ground and we lay on our backs and look for pictures. We also enjoy something that we call story tag. It is played like the old telephone game. One person starts with one sentence they make up. Then each person takes turns with another sentence until we have made up an entire story! I recently finished a book by Goldie Hawn titled Ten Mindful Minutes. We are now working on a "happy box" and a "happy wall". Most importantly,we all spend time just loving each other!

    1. Thank you Jeanie for sharing :-) I'll add you to the contest!

  2. We no longer live near our great-granddaughters but love to have them visit. A favorite activity when Brianna, now 12, and Reyna, now 9 come to visit us in Florida is for them to plan a menu, decorate the table, cook dinner (with supervision, of course) and serve it to GG and GP(us). The last time,they made it a dinner theater experience starring - guess who? They were precious and made it a special and memorable experience that none of us will forget! Other activities we enjoy include crafting with shells, boating (we once had a Pirates of the Caribbean party on board with costumes and a pirate flag they made themselves.

    1. Thank you Laura for sharing - I'll add you to the contest!