Thursday, June 6, 2013

grandma's bookshelf - One Spotted Giraffe and Whose Toes Are Those?

I LOVE books! I LOVE reading books to my sweet grandsons, so when I find creative, fun and beautifully illustrated books I am always delighted to share them with them - and with you! Today I'm doing exactly this with two new books from Candlewick Press!

One Spotted Giraffe 

By - Petr Horacek
Paper Engineering - Claire Vincent
Ages 3+

Favorite Features -
  • Number pop-ups add to the fun of this book!
  • Helps children learn to count to 10
  • Colorful illustrations of animals - children will love this!
  • Simple text
I LOVE pop-up books so this book which combines animals, counting and pop-ups is an absolute "winner" in my opinion! I found it so creative to make the number pop-up the shape of each animal - and great fun as well! When you read this book with your grandchildren be sure to talk with them about their favorite animal and how God created so many unique creatures! You might even see if you can turn their favorite animal into a number, too . . . possibly the number for how old they are! Have fun with this idea - and this book!

Words by - Sally Symes
Pictures by - Nick Sharratt
Ages - 3+

Favorite Features -
  • Simple, short story
  • Colorful illustrations
  • Sturdy board book will hold up to little ones "reading" it
  • Encourages identification of animals, noses, toes, tails and fingers
  • Lift-the-flaps add to the fun
I love this little book - each animal is covered, showing only the tail, toes and nose so children can guess which animal is under the flap . . . great fun for sure! Talk with children about their nose, toes and fingers and then find pictures of other animals which you can cover, only showing a nose or tail or toes and see if they can guess what it is! Enjoy!

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