Sunday, June 16, 2013

grandma's chuckles - Time Out!

When my sweet grandson, Josiah was one and a half he already knew his grandma was a “softie”! One day he was at our house when he tried to put a key into an outlet. His mother took the key away from him and put him into a time-out because he knew he was not allowed to play with outlets. He turned to me and said, “Granmmmmaaa! Granmmmaaa!”, thinking of course, I would come to his rescue. But, I told him he had to have a time-out because he couldn’t put things in the outlet.

He looked surprised, clearly this was not the response he wanted from his grandma, but being a clever and determined one-and-a-half year old, he then turned to his dad and said, “Daadddy! Daaadddy!!!”, but daddy told him he had to have his time-out.

Things were not going the way he thought they would, but did I mention he was clever and determined? Well, he turned to his grandpa and said, “Granmpa! Granmpa!!!”, but grandpa told him he had to have his time-out.

Not ready to give up on receiving a reprieve yet, he turned to the last one in the room and said, “Jake! Jake!”, but no reprieve came from Jake because Jake was the family dog! Josiah succeeded in getting us all to laugh, but he did have to have his time-out!

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