Saturday, June 8, 2013

grandma's cookbook - Baked Doughnuts!!!

A couple days ago, in honor of National Doughnut Day, I posted my grandma's doughnut recipe. I love doughnuts! They have the power to absolutely be my "undoing" as I really, totally, completely LOVE doughnuts!!! But, since doughnuts are fried, I only eat them a couple times a year - and it does take considerable will-power for me to keep it to only a couple times a year! If you happen to be near me at the store when I walk near the doughnuts you'll hear me saying, "Doughnuts!!! Doughnuts!!! Doughnuts!!!" as I walk past the delicious, little pieces of joy!!! It is odd, but by saying this I am able to just keep walking and not stop and buy any!!!

At any rate, as I browsed on Pinterest this morning I found a recipe for baked doughnuts . . . yes, BAKED!!!! I am going to make some of these for the next time my grandsons are over (they usually spend Thursday night and then hang out with me on Friday). I think this recipe has amazing potential to be my favorite recipe!!! I wonder what it might be like if I made lemon poppy-seed doughnuts??? Or chocolate doughnuts??? Or chocolate-chip doughnuts??? Or peanut-butter doughnuts??? Or with chocolate icing??? Or . . . ??? The possibilities could be completely delicious!!!

Just follow this link and you'll find the recipe . . . please let me know what you think of it and if you decide to "tweak" it for a more delightful doughnut!!! Enjoy!

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