Saturday, June 29, 2013

Science Project - Popsicle Stick Chain Reaction!

The other day I shared a fun popsicle stick science project on my other blog, About the Children's Department - I teach a Sunday School class of first graders - almost all boys, so whenever I can add in a science project the boys not only LOVE it, but the listen and really do get the point because I tie the project in with the lesson. 

So, I'm going to the store today to get the popsicle sticks so my grandsons can help me figure out how to do this fun experiment which I found on-line. This project uses popsicle sticks - LOTS of popsicle sticks. Josiah LOVES science projects, so I'm pretty sure he will have fun helping me learn how to do this!

Basically it works by setting the sticks on the table in a certain pattern - when they are "released" we will see first hand what a chain reaction looks like. In my lesson about Hannah on Sunday I'll connect the project to how sadness can "weave" into our lives and cause a chain reaction of anger and bitterness which will "hold" us down, but when we turn to God, He causes this sadness to "release" and the result will be noticeable!

After our project I'll have kids each take a popsicle stick and write, "Talk to God" on one side and add a magnet strip to the other so they can take it home and remember to release their sadness to God like Hannah did!

I thought you might like to try this project with your grandchildren - just follow the link above and you'll see how to make this project work! Enjoy!

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