Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Bubble Fun!!!

Yesterday I shared two ideas for Summer fun with your grandchildren, so today I want to share a couple more! What could be more "summery" than bubbles??? Kids of all ages enjoy bubbles - they are such inexpensive fun for sure! Just look at these ideas I found on Pinterest for Summer Bubble Fun . . . 
  • Bubble Snakes . . . this kind of snake is one everyone is sure to love!!! Follow this link and you'll find a list of supplies - simple things you likely already have - and simple directions for making a Bubble Snake Maker . . . as this site says, "It's a fun little project which will keep the kids happy and entertained, but costs next to nothing!" What could be better? :-) Be sure to have a camera ready!
  • Last year I posted about a book with a Giant Bubble Maker and directions for making  humongous bubbles, so today I want to let you know how you can make your own giant bubble maker - using things you probably have at home already! Just follow this link and you'll find a supplies list and simple directions complete with a photo tutorial for making and using your giant bubble maker! This absolutely is an idea your grandchildren will LOVE!!! Definitely be sure to have your camera ready for all the amazing photos  you will get as they make humongous bubbles!!!
  • With all this bubble fun you will absolutely want to be able to make your own bubble solution - after all, we all know the bubbles we buy at the store often make unremarkable bubbles and with a bubble snake and giant bubble makers we  absolutely want remarkable bubbles!!! Just follow this link and you'll find two recipes for making your own bubble solution using ingredients you likely already have at your house - what could be better!!! I also love the idea for making a "Bubble Refill Station". With these bubble ideas grandma's house is absolutely going to be a fun place to spend time this summer for sure!!! Enjoy!

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