Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekends with Sweet Grandsons - Squirt Guns, Playgrounds and Making Mud!

How was your weekend? I hope it was filled with family and love! I was blessed to enjoy part of the past two weekends with my sweet grandsons! They spent the last two Friday nights and most of the days on Saturday . . . what could be a better way to spend Friday nights and Saturdays than with sweet grandsons? :-)

Last week the boys - and their parents - spent time playing with water squirt guns . . . Caleb LOVES to play with these! He gets a huge smile on his little face, runs up to you and says, "Squirt, squirt! Got you!!!" while he is getting you with his squirt gun! Our yard is good sized - we have an acre in the country - so there is lots of room for boys and parents to run around being "got" and "getting" others! It is great fun for sure!

We also went to a nearby playground for some additional family fun time - all in all it was a wonderful weekend for sure!

This past weekend while Caleb took his nap after lunch on Saturday, Josiah played outside with our garden hose - for more than two hours! Part way through I asked him if he wanted to do something else and said I was sure there were other fun things we could do. He said, "Nothing is more fun than making mud and stirring it with a stick to make bubbles!" So, he  continued to "make mud"!!! Ahhh! To be four and a half on a hot summer day with a garden hose and water at your disposal!!! :-)

Before his nap, Caleb was playing. He stopped, smiled at me, climbed into my lap and said "Kiss Ga!!!" and gave me kisses!!! This "Ga" loves kisses - as Josiah says, I can never have enough hugs and kisses!

Yes, my weekends have been most certainly filled with family, love and blessings! <3 <3

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