Monday, July 22, 2013

Finals in Our Grandma Contest - Please Vote!

I'm happy to announce Lori Layne is the winner in our third semi-final for our grandma contest, so . . . the three finalists are . . . 
  • Lori Layne said, "My favorite thing to do is to hold GRANDMAS BOOT CAMP each summer. I have 13-15 children ages 2-11 for two weeks. I teach them bible stories, values through crafts, songs and fun times. It is great for them and a blessing for me! Christ is so good!! This year the kids learned, the B-I-B-L-E, that's the book for me and DOWN in MY HEART for songs. They learned about different sticks in the bible; like a shepherds staff, the wet water of Elisha and the staff turned snake - making many crafts to help them learn. They prayed A LOT and even made 'thank you' bags for the church and cherry pies with the cherries picked off the trees in the yard . . . showing God does provide!"
  • Jeanie Napier said, "I have had to scale activities down this summer for financial reasons. But I am finding numerous free and inexpensive things to do with Zoe age 7 and Max who just turned 3. Zoe and I do a lot of reading.We all enjoy water balloons. One of out favorites is cloud pictures. I throw an old quilt on the ground and we lay on our backs and look for pictures. We also enjoy something that we call story tag. It is played like the old telephone game. One person starts with one sentence they make up. Then each person takes turns with another sentence until we have made up an entire story! I recently finished a book by Goldie Hawn titled Ten Mindful Minutes. We are now working on a "happy box" and a "happy wall". Most importantly,we all spend time just loving each other!"
  • Linda Haley said, "We have so many 'favorite' things to do with our grandchildren! They are now seven and nine years old. They do not live near us, but, we get  them for a week or two each summer. Some of our favorite things to do are  things they don't get to do at home. We LOVE to catch lightning bugs in mason jars and then bring the jars in at night and watch them light up. We play hide and seek at night with Glo sticks. It is so much fun hearing their giggles as I try to 'find' them! We love to go on walks and pick up special rocks and sticks! We take coins and put them on the railroad tracks and then play at the park and wait for the train to 'squash' the coins. Then, PawPaw puts a hole in them and makes them coin necklaces! We LOVE bringing the queen sized mattress of the bed into the den for slumber parties! We have coke and pop corn and watch  movies all night! They love waking up and having 'coffee' with me in the mornings (mostly milk and sugar, but it is warm and in coffee mugs). We enjoy our 'grands' so much! Each visit is a new adventure, but these are things they look forward to each visit!"
All of the grandmas who shared ideas of what they like to do with their grandchildren had wonderful ideas, but these are the three who made it into the finals. You can vote in the poll at the top of the page - voting will be open until July 26, 2013 at 11:59 PM, so . . . let the voting begin!!! :-)

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