Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Four Days of Fun . . . Definitely Fun!!!

Yesterday was day four in my, "Four Days of Fun" with my grandsons and yes, we most certainly had four days of fun!!! We did science projects, swam in the pool, played in water, swam in the pool, visited a local fire department, swam in the pool, discovered the joys of water balloons, swam in the pool, made tie-dye shirts, swam in the pool, had a pancake eating contest, swam in the pool . . . did I mention we swam in the pool?? :-) Both boys are huge "fans" of swimming in the pool!

Of course there were lots of hugs and kisses . . . and a few raspberries added in for fun . . . resulting in my new favorite photo of my sweet grandsons and me!!!!

In just a few weeks Shane will be making his arrival so my sweet Josiah and Caleb will be spending a few more, "Days of Fun" at my house . . . it is most likely there will be swimming involved, but I'll have to think of a few more fun things to add in, too! I know they enjoyed our, "Four Days of Fun" and so did I!

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