Friday, July 5, 2013

Four Days of Fun - Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Next Friday - Monday I and my husband get to enjoy four wonderful days with our sweet grandsons as their parents take a short trip before Shane is born, so of course, I'm looking for fun ideas to use with the boys when they are here! In the week leading up to these four days of fun, I thought I'd share the ideas I find with you! So today's fun idea is . . . 

Go on a photo scavenger hunt! Caleb is not quite two yet, so while he naps this is an idea Josiah and Poppa can have fun with together! I'll give them a list of things to find and a camera and send them out to search around our yard and in my parent's woods along their creek across the road! They can look for items and when they find them, take a picture to show me when they get back!

Of course, to go along with this, we will have to make a book of the things Josiah and Poppa found by printing out the photos and binding them into a book. It will be great fun to show his parents when they get back!

Follow this link for the specifics of a photo scavenger hunt where children can find and then draw pictures of the items they find. Enjoy!

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