Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Grandma Contest - Please Vote!

I'm happy to say Linda Haley's favorite things to do with her grandchildren (watching lightening bugs, squashing coins on train tracks and slumber parties) has moved on to our finals - which will be in a couple weeks. Thank you everyone who voted.

Today I'm happy to share with you the next three grandmas who shared some of their favorite things to do with their grandchildren . . . 
  • Teresa Maddox said, "I love taking them to the pool. We like making movie theater popcorn with my popcorn maker and watching their favorite shows I record for them like Duck Dynasty and Billy the Exterminator and Swamp People. Having sleepovers and going to the movies. Spending as much time with each other since their dad was killed last year. We talk on the phone, too! As they say, 'I'm the best grandma in the world!'"
  • Rosella Rowe said, "I love to bake and cook with my grandkids. It teaches them to take turns and they have to share. The pool is up so we swim - it is only four feet high which helps me out a lot when I have all four at once. We play with bubbles, roll balls, chase each other and the youngest's favorite; going for walks. When we do we jump walk funny like monsters, monkeys, ducks, etc. Then there is the park - oh my, the kids have a blast!"
  • Jeanie Napier said, "I have had to scale activities down this summer for financial reasons. But I am finding numerous free and inexpensive things to do with Zoe age 7 and Max who just turned 3. Zoe and I do a lot of reading.We all enjoy water balloons. One of out favorites is cloud pictures. I throw an old quilt on the ground and we lay on our backs and look for pictures. We also enjoy something that we call story tag. It is played like the old telephone game. One person starts with one sentence they make up. Then each person takes turns with another sentence until we have made up an entire story! I recently finished a book by Goldie Hawn titled Ten Mindful Minutes. We are now working on a "happy box" and a "happy wall". Most importantly,we all spend time just loving each other!"
Please take a moment to vote today in the poll on the top, right side of the page for the idea you like the best! You can vote once through Saturday and the one who receives the most votes will move on to the finals with Linda. Next week you can vote on Laura, Lori and Jackie's ideas. So, let the voting begin!

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