Tuesday, July 16, 2013

grandma's contest - Please Vote!

I'm happy to say Jeanie Napier's favorite things to do with her grandchildren (reading, watching clouds, water balloons and making up stories) has moved on to our finals with Linda Haley - which will be in the beginning of August. Thank you everyone who voted.

Today I'm happy to share with you the next three grandmas who shared some of their favorite things to do with their grandchildren . . . 
  • Laura Allen Nonemaker said, "We no longer live near our great-granddaughters, but love to have them visit. A favorite activity when Brianna, now 12, and Reyna, now 9, come to visit us in Florida is for them to plan a menu, decorate the table cook dinner (with supervision of course) and serve it to GG and GP (us). The last time, they made it a dinner theater experience starring - guess who? They were precious and made it a special and memorable experience none of us will forget! Other activities we enjoy include crafting with shells, boating (we once had a Pirates of the Caribbean party on board with costumes and a pirate flag they made themselves)!"  
  • Lori Layne said, "My favorite thing to do is to hold GRANDMAS BOOT CAMP each summer. I have 13-15 children ages 2-11 for two weeks. I teach them bible stories, values through crafts, songs and fun times. It is great for them and a blessing for me! Christ is so good!! This year the kids learned, the B-I-B-L-E, that's the book for me and DOWN in MY HEART for songs. They learned about different sticks in the bible; like a shepherds staff, the wet water of Elisha and the staff turned snake - making many crafts to help them learn. They prayed A LOT and even made 'thank you' bags for the church and cherry pies with the cherries picked off the trees in the yard . . . showing God does provide!"
  • Jackie Baker said, "My Grankids and I spend hours just sitting at the kitchen table talking ... I give them paper, pencils, crayons and we talk about everything. They love to ask questions about what it was like when I was growing up. We talk about God, Jesus and the Bible! We talk about their problems, and they do have problems and worries just like adults!!! Our best times together are spent right here at this kitchen table which I bought 18 years ago when my first Granson was born. The table doesnt look as pretty as it did when I got it with all the markings from the markers and finger nail polish, the bottle of super glue which leaked and even some of their names carved on the edge, but we love it and it will be here as long as it and I hold together!!!! I didnt write this to win a contest but to let you know it doesnt take money to make memories, just some time to listen with lots of love and hugs!!!!"
Please take a moment to vote today in the poll on the top, right side of the page for the idea you like the best! You can vote once through Saturday and the one who receives the most votes will move on to the finals with Linda and Jeanie. The beginning of August you can vote for our winner . . . so, let the voting begin!

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