Friday, July 19, 2013

Please Pray for the Safe Return of Daphne Webb

Please be praying and watching for a missing baby girl from Oakland, California. Daphne Webb is one year old, two feet tall and weighs 30 pounds. She was last seen on July 10, 2013 when her dad left her in his car with his elderly mother while he went into a store to get an energy drink. He said when he returned the little girl was gone. The grandmother, 87, has dementia and was unable to help police in their investigation.

At least one witness said they saw a woman carrying a child, who fit Daphne's description, down the street from the store.  This woman was described as a female African American or Hispanic, 30 to 40 years old, with long black straight hair, wearing a light colored top and blue jeans and was reported walking away from the area, carrying a small child.
Daphne was last seen wearing orange two-piece pajamas with pink hearts and pink socks. Please be praying for this family and for the police as they look for her.

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