Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Reading - The Black Rabit

Children tend to be frightened of many things . . . thunder, the dark, dogs, bugs . . . the list can, and often does, go on and on. My Josiah is brave, very brave! He says he is not afraid of anything . . . except for shadows, so when Candlewick said they'd send me their book, The Black Rabbit for review, I was very happy to read it to him.

The Black Rabbit
By - Philippi Leathers
Publisher - Candlewick
Ages -3-6

Favorite Features -
  • Simple story with an important message about how we do not have to be afraid of our shadows
  • I love the illustrations
  • Story is exciting and leaves children waiting to see how it ends!
Candlewick has this to say about The Black Rabbit; "Rabbit has a problem. There’s a large black rabbit chasing him. No matter where he runs—behind a tree, over the river—the shadowy rabbit follows. Finally in the deep, dark wood, Rabbit loses his nemesis—only to encounter a real foe! Kids who like to be in on the secret will revel in this humorous look at shadows and friendship, brought to light by a talented animator.If you have a grandchild who is afraid of shadows - or other things - read this book to them and talk about what they are afraid of. I told Josiah, just like Rabbit's shadow was always with him and he could not get away from it, Jesus is always with us! 

For some shadow fun, check this link for how to make animals with the shadows from your hands and have fun teaching your grandchildren how to do this! Enjoy!

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