Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Reading - Stick!

Around this grandma's house there is no shortage of books for my grandsons and when I get new books in for review . . . my supply of books definitely grows! When the boys were at my house this weekend, I decided to let them have one I was pretty sure they would love . . . and they did! This book is so much fun . . . even though it only has seven words in the book!

By - Andy Pritchett
Publisher - Candlewick Press
Ages - 3-5

Favorite Features -
  • Simple story told with words and pictures
  • Important message about finding and being a friend
  • Encourages children to "read" this book . . . since there are only seven words, it is a great book to be a first "I can read it myself" book!
  • Wonderful illustrations!!!
I found Caleb (almost 2 years old) trying to get in my "closet" (they know this is where grandma keeps the "surprises"!) and he said, "Can I have a book?" Of course I decided to give him one - he is so cute!!!! Besides, I wanted to give the boys this book anyway!!! Caleb LOVED the book - he even began to "read" it to me!!!

Then, I had Josiah come sit with me and told him it was a book he could read. I helped him sound out the first word, "stick" and from there, he was able to read the entire book - I was so happy to see how he put the emotion in for each word! He of course had to read it to his dad and took it home to read to his mom, too!

In this sweet story, a puppy is looking for someone to play with him and his stick, but the cow, chicken and pig had other things to do . . . until another puppy came along and made playing with a stick look like so much FUN!!!! Stick! will give you a great opportunity to talk with your grandchildren about how they feel when others do not play with them and how they can be people who choose to play with others - and when they do, they may find they end up with a friend - word # 7!!!

Stick! is a book your grandchildren - and you - will enjoy for sure!

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