Monday, July 1, 2013

Time to Vote . . .

Throughout the month of June, nine of you shared about your favorite things to do with your grandchildren, so now throughout July you will have a chance to vote for your favorite idea . . . one which you'd like to try with your grandchildren/children. Each week for the coming three weeks, I'll share three ideas and you may vote for the one you like the best. The idea with the most votes each week will move to our finals which will be the last week of July! So, let's begin with the first three ideas . . . 
  • Mary said, "Our house is where the grandchildren get to paint, color and do  anything else artistic. Their parents don't like the mess. I say, 'How else are they supposed to learn if they don't try it?' My favorite thing to do is let them help make up a batch of silly putty and then have a little contest to see who can make the neatest little figure. Of course, they all win! Also, jewelry making is fun and easy."
  • Deborah McMaster said, "So many things for me, too! With the five and eight year old girls we make banana bread. Even through the five year old doesn't like to eat it, LOL! The eight year old loves to spend 'alone time' with me: playing an older game and writing stories about a giraffe. Five year old: sitting on my lap playing a computer game. Three year old: watching a particular Mickey Sing-A- Long. I comment and we  clap and dance all the way through. Two year old  grandson: we walk and hold hands. My sixteen year old and I play pool, go to a golf driving range and eat out. By the way, with all the younger ones the big thing is children's music when in my car." (By the way, Deborah, try anything from Go Fish Guys for music - my grandsons love them!)
  • Linda Haley said, "We have so many 'favorite' things to do with our grandchildren! They are now seven and nine years old. They do not live near us, but, we get  them for a week or two each summer. Some of our favorite things to do are  things they don't get to do at home. We LOVE to catch lightning bugs in mason jars and then bring the jars in at night and watch them light up. We play hide and seek at night with Glo Sticks. It is so much fun hearing their giggles as I try to 'find' them! We love to go on walks and pick up special rocks and sticks! We take coins and put them on the railroad tracks and then play at the park and wait for the train to 'squash' the coins. Then, PawPaw puts a hole in them and makes them coin necklaces! We LOVE bringing the queen sized mattress of the bed into the den for slumber parties! We have coke and pop corn and watch  movies all night! They love waking up and having 'coffee' with me in the mornings (mostly milk and sugar, but it is warm and in coffee mugs). We enjoy our 'grands' so much! Each visit is a new adventure, but these are things they look forward to each visit!"
All three are great ideas and I love how they are simple ideas which anyone can do! I'm going to try the "poll gadget" again - last time I tried this, it didn't record the votes correctly so I had to change how to vote, but I'm going to give it another try, so . . . you'll find the poll at the top of this page on the left. You may vote once and have until Friday, July 5, 2013 at 11:59 PM to do so. Next week I'll share Teresa's, Rosella'a and Jeanie's ideas and then the following week I'll share Laura's, Lori's and Jackie's ideas . . . so get ready to see some wonderful ways you can create great memories with your grandchildren, too and please vote!

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