Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fun with Grandsons - Handprint Shirts

The other day when I was at the store with my hubby, he found a black t-shirt on clearance in Caleb's size, so we went ahead and bought it. Since I knew the boys were coming over for a couple days, I thought it might be fun to have them make handprint t-shirts, so I picked up another black t-shirt for Josiah and some fluorescent paints . . . since the shirts were black, I thought bright, florescent paints would be fun!

My "plans" were for the boys to make handprints on the front and footprints on the back . . . which Josiah agreed with . . . to a point. He only wanted to paint one hand . . . and make two prints on the front and one foot print on the back. Then he wanted to use the paint to paint his own "designs" with the prints . . . since it was his shirt, I deferred to his plans! Caleb, being an adorable and typical two year old younger brother, followed Josiah's lead. 

So, the boys painted the fronts of their shirts, let them dry then painted the backs. I, of course, love the little hand and feet prints and their own "designs"! It was a fun project - one we will have to do again!

Do you make handprint or footprint shirts with your grandchildren? I have a shirt with handprints from when my own children were little . . . Josiah likes to use it as a nightshirt when he has sleepovers. I love it because it "froze" a moment in time . . . I can look at those little handprints and remember when my children were little . . . a long time ago! (I'm thinking about making a new purse where I have the boys make handprints on it  . . . I'll let you know how that goes!)

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