Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fun with Grandsons - Making S'more Pops!

The last two days I spent with two, too-sweet-for-words grandsons (although I never am truly at a loss for words when it comes to telling how sweet they are :-)!) We had so much fun! One of the things we did was make s'more pops (you'll find how to make these at this link).

Caleb - he is two years old - was in charge of the marshmallows and Josiah - he is almost five - was in charge of the chocolate chips. All I had to do was point at the cracker Caleb needed to put a marshmallow on and he did it. As he placed the marshmallows he said, "I'm helping!!! I'm helping!!!" He loves to help and was thrilled to know he was really, truly helping! His face had such a sweet smile of delight!

Josiah did a great job of putting the chocolate chips on the crackers and of course he - and Caleb - did a great job of sampling the chocolate chips, too! (Caleb said they were "tasty!!!") 

The boys also helped with adding sprinkles to the chocolate coated pops and of course, sampled the finished product!

It was great fun making s'more pops with the boys . . . if you are looking for something simple and fun which you could do with your grandchildren . . . particularly on a blustery day when you want to bring back a bit of warm, summer fun (like roasting marshmallows), try making some s'more pops! It is a fun and easy project which even your younger grandchildren can really help with! Enjoy!

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