Tuesday, August 20, 2013

grandma's cookie jar . . . Some of the Fun Stuff!

I truly enjoy writing grandma's cookie jar! I love the opportunity it blesses me with of getting to know those of you who take the time to read it . . . thank you for making grandma's cookie jar part of your day! I am honored and humbled to know so many of you read my blog! :-)

I love finding new recipes, crafts, science projects, silly holidays, fun facts and little bits of this and that to share with you all! :-)

But one of the fun things about grandma's cookie jar is the give-aways! I LOVE to give things away! As you know, I have give-aways all year long, but each year for the month of May we celebrate grandma's cookie jar's "birthday" with a month of special give-aways and the month of November we celebrate Christmas with my Special Month of Holiday Give-aways! So . . . with November just three months away, I'm busy "rounding up" some special give-aways! I'm happy to say this November will be filled with some give-aways which definitely qualify as "fun"!!! :-) (And yes, the "clip art" on this post give you just a "sneak peek" at a one of the fun give-aways which we will have in November!)

So, please plan to join in the fun as I begin to officially announce give-aways in about a month and then all of November as the give-aways begin for 2013's Special Month of Holiday Give-Aways! :-)

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