Friday, August 23, 2013

Grandparents Day - Send Kisses!

Monday through Friday the alarm goes off in my house at 5:30 am - I get up and fix breakfast for my hubby, pack his lunch and then watch the morning news shows while I write my two blogs. Typically by the time I do all this I am actually awake! :-)

This morning on the Today Show they showed a great idea for a craft which you could make for someone special in your life - and if you are a parent who is reading this looking for a fun, simple idea for your children to make a great gift for their grandparents for Grandparents Day, take a look at this one!

All you need is paper, a frame, lipstick and little lips . . . maybe give each child a different shade of lipstick so they will be able to point out their own "kisses" on the finished project . . . you could take your sons to the store and let them pick out some blue, brown or green lipstick - less "girly" than red or pink!!! :-)

Basically all you do is apply lipstick, kiss the paper, apply lipstick, kiss the paper, repeat until the paper is covered in "kisses"! All the kids may "kiss" the same paper so when you are finished, you have a unique "picture" grandparents will treasure! Particularly a great gift if grandparents live far away . . . send them kisses! What could possibly be better???

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