Thursday, August 15, 2013

It is, "Eat Dessert First Month"!

When I grew up I was told by my parents - as you likely were told by your parents, too - to eat our meal before I was able to have dessert. As a child I thought it would be fun to have dessert first, but as a parent I dutifully told my children they had to eat their meal before they were able to have their dessert, too! But today I learned the month of August is actually, "Eat Dessert First Month"!!! WooHoo! Sounds like fun!

So, if we are going to eat dessert first - and being honest, I'm not really sure if I'll actually do this . . . after all, overcoming 52 years of ingrained teaching is difficult! But, if I ate dessert first, it would likely have to be something like ice cream or peanut butter pie! (You'll find my recipe for peanut butter pie at this link and my recipe for peanut butter ice cream pie at this link if you'd like to combine ice cream and peanut butter pie - just in case you want to fix it and then eat it first!!!!)

Eat Dessert First Month . . . what a tasty idea! So, if you are going to "observe" and "celebrate" this "holiday", what will you eat? Enjoy!

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