Saturday, August 17, 2013

Please Vote for at ease!

In this day of internet photo contests, you may find yourself often being asked to vote for a particular photo. While I do not often do this, today I'd like to ask you to consider voting for a photo of a cougar - "at ease" was taken by Hannah Troupe when she was just 16 years old. Hannah just graduated from high school - she has two younger brothers with special needs and has helped her parents care for them for years so it would be lovely for her to win this contest! 

Photography is something Hannah not only enjoys, but it is something she has a real talent for as well! A couple years ago she won a 4H State award for photography and a photo of her dog, Rocky, placed in the top five in a contest by the AKC - they use it in their Canine Companion advertising! 

Please vote for Hannah by following this link - you will need to "like" Norman Camera, then "click" on the "popularity" tab under "view entries". Hannah's photo, "at ease" is currently in second place - lets see if we can help her move into first place! We can vote once each day through the 31st of this month and I know if you all help Hannah, she can win this contest!

By the way, check this link for information about CHARGE Syndrome and check this blog written by Hannah's dad; Lessons from Matthew & Isaac - and pray for families who have loved ones with this syndrome.

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