Monday, August 19, 2013

Raising Boys by Design

If you have been reading grandma's cookie jar for very long, you likely know I have three grandsons . . . so, when I was given the opportunity to review a new book, Raising Boys by Design, well, it sounded like an interesting - and timely - book! WaterBrook sent me one to review for free; so this is my opinion . . . 

Raising Boys by Design: What the Bible and Brain Science Reveal About What Your Son Needs to Thrive
Authors - Gregory L. Jantz & Michael Gurian with Ann McMurray
Publisher - WaterBrook

Favorite Features -
  • Looks at real brain research to discover how boys are unique
  • Provides solid direction to help parents - and grandparents - and teachers learn to understand the way a boy's brain works so they can help them learn and grow
  • Connects the dots between brain science and how God designed boys
  • Each chapter ends with "next steps" which give you specific things to think about, talk about and do to help your boys learn
  • Focuses on helping boys become HEROIC - Honor - a man does what is right; Enterprise - a man works hard at useful work; Responsibility - A man takes responsibility; Originality - a man is an individual within a whole; Intimacy - a man learns how to love; Creativity - a man is committed to changing the world
I appreciate learning how a boy's brain differs from a girl's brain - for example, boy's brains have less serotonin which means they will find it much more difficult to sit still. I knew most boys have a harder time sitting still than most girls do, but never knew it was for this reason! Boys and girls are different - this is a great thing! I also appreciated the caution raised by the authors about how schools tend to try to get parents to put their sons on medication to "help" the focus and do better at school. This book shows how medication is not necessarily the answer - teaching boys in ways they are designed to learn is a better answer!

I'm so thankful for my grandsons and want them to grow up understanding who they are as the men God created. Raising Boys by Design helps us understand the connection between brain science and God's design. As WaterBrook says, "Your son was created for great things, but he needs our help to appreciate his unique male design and to grow into the strong loving man God created him to be. Packed with doable strategies and eyeopening examples of what's really going on inside a boy's brain  Raising Boys by Design offers a practical blueprint to help you build a HERO - one who values Honor, Enterprise, Responsibility and Originality. This unique resource combines the latest research in brain science with timeless truths from the Bible to reveal the deepest needs shared by every boy of faith while also leading you to fresh insights for honoring the unique personality, talents and God-given design of your son in particular. Among other things, you’ll learn how to help your son:
• strengthen his character, resilience, and self-discipline
• nurture genuine compassion and empathy
• process words and emotions in ways that fit his brain chemistry
• succeed in school and hone crucial life skills
• develop a healthy perspective of sexuality
• avoid the pitfalls of media and technology
• embark on a lifelong adventure of faith

If you would like to know how to raise boys by design, check this book out - and Good News!!! You can download the first chapter for free by checking this link!

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