Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Today is National Creamsicle Day and a Recipe for Creamsicle Pie!

Who knew such a day even existed, but since it does, why not celebrate it??? :-) I like creamsicles - after all, what isn't there to like about a bit of ice cream covered with a popsicle? I especially find the root beer float creamsicles from Schwans to be particularly enjoyable, but it is hard to go wrong with any flavor of creamsicle!

Creamsicle PieFor some extra fun, check out this recipe I found for making your own Creamsicle Pie!!! Now this just sounds like a perfect dessert for your family to enjoy on a hot, Summer day . . . which here in Michigan it is not particularly a hot day (it is only 51 degrees outside while I write this post), but maybe I could make it and pretend it is a hot day outside! :-) Just follow this link for the recipe and enjoy!

So, while there is no congressional or presidential proclamation making this an "official" national holiday, there are many fun and tasty reasons why it is a day you can definitely enjoy celebrating with your grandchildren! :-)

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