Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Today is Senior Citizen's Day!

While some grandma's are senior citizens, others of us, are not . . . yet! However; since today is Senior Citizen's Day, it is a great day to stop and involve your grandchildren in doing something kind for an elderly neighbor, relative or person you know! Consider one of the following ideas . . . 
  • Have them trace their hand on a 5x7 piece of paper and then take a photo of them which you put inside the hand-print. Have your grandchildren decorate around the hand and take this piece of art to a senior citizen you know!
  • Involve your grandchildren in baking something - such as lemon bread, banana bread or apple bread (check for allergies first) and then have them go with you to take it to a senior citizen you know!
  • Team up with a friend or family member and help your grandchildren learn a simple song which they could go and sing for a senior citizen you know.
These are just three ideas - there certainly are many more - but consider doing something with your grandchildren to show respect and care for senior citizens. Talk with them about what it means to show respect and help them think of a couple questions they could ask the senior citizen when they visit - perhaps something about what it was like when they were little, their favorite thing to do when they were your grandchild's age, etc.

What might you do to celebrate Senior Citizen's Day?

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