Friday, August 30, 2013

Today is Slinky Day!

Slinky DayAs if today being Toasted Marshmallow Day isn't enough reason to celebrate, today is also Slinky Day! WooHoo!!! So, let's look at a bit of the "history" of the "classic" toy, the Slinky. It was, "invented in the 1940's by Navy engineer and inventor, Richard James and proved to be an immediate hit; it sold out in just a few hours, quickly becoming one of our favorite toys." 

I remember playing with the "original" metal Slinky . . . I always wanted to get it to make its way down the staircase in my house, but it seemed to always "give up" a few steps into its "trek"! I loved the sound the metal Slinky made as I moved my hands up and down . . . what is your favorite Slinky memory?

Now days Slinkys come in a variety of colors, sizes . . . and even a variety of shapes! Consider getting one to surprise your grandchildren and "introduce" them to this "golden oldie" toy!  "Slinky Day celebrates the humble Slinky and should be spent doing Slinky tricks, watching Slinkys race down staircases or simply untangling the things as they inevitably knot, twist and spiral!" Enjoy!

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