Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Today is Patriot's Day; the day we stop to remember those whose lives were taken in the attack on the Twin Towers. On that day when people were running to get away from the towers, brave firefighters, police and rescue workers ran into the building to save others; and gave their lives doing so. It is a day to remember them and their families.

I remember where I was when I watched the planes fly into the towers on the news; I was at work. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing was actually real. I remember the news reports coming in about the attacks in Washington D.C. and the reports about the brave people on Flight 93 which crashed in Pennsylvania. So much saddness caused by people who are filled with hate and anger.

This year, as we remember, let's also commit to be people who do not hate. Who do not let anger rule our lives and damage others. Let's be people who pass on grace to others and who help our grandchildren learn to be people who do the same.

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