Monday, September 16, 2013

Help Fight Cancer and Domestic Violence with Mary Kay!

Learn more about Mary Kay’s commitment to ending domestic violence.
Most of us have someone in our families - or know someone - who has had to deal with a cancer which affects women. Some of you may have had to deal with this yourself. Most of us also may have a family member or friend who has been faced with violence at the hands of a man who said he loved her. Some of you may found your own self having to deal with this.

In my family my mother-in-law had to face, deal with and beat breast cancer a number of years ago. In my family I have a cousin who found herself in a situation where she experienced domestic violence and my husband has an aunt and cousin who experienced this as well.

Few things can be as devastating as cancer and domestic violence, so when I learned Mary Kay set up a foundation with the goal of trying to end both of these things, I was impressed. The Mary Kay Foundation says, "Throughout her life, Mary Kay Ash showed others how to live. And how to give. She gave hope to women who lacked opportunity and self-esteem and financial support to the causes she believed in. Although she died on Thanksgiving Day 2001, her legacy of love continues through the The Mary Kay Foundation, which she began in 1996.The mission of the TMKF is two-fold: 
• We are committed to eliminating cancers affecting women by supporting top medical scientists who are searching for a cure for breast, uterine, cervical and ovarian cancers. 
• We are committed to ending the epidemic of domestic violence by providing grants to women's shelters and supporting community outreach programs.
Since the Foundation began in 1996, it has granted $25 million dollars to organizations fighting cancer and violence against women."

We have a "member of our grandma's cookie jar family" who is starting a career as a Mary Kay consultant - Lori Layne, so, to help Lori and in honor of my cousin, my mother-in-law and my husband's Aunt and cousin, I'm having a Mary Kay catalog party. I am asking you to join me in contributing to the Mary Kay Foundation by buying their Special-Edition Beauty That Counts® Mary Kay® NouriShine Plus® Lip Gloss in either Cream & Sugar or Pink Parfait as Mary Kay is donating $1 to the Foundation from the sale of each one until November 15, 2013. Of course if you'd like to order additional Mary Kay items, please feel free to do so, but for one week - until September 23rd - I'm having a catalog party and would love to see us order a bunch of these Lip Glosses and help the Mary Kay Foundation in their efforts to eliminate cancer and end domestic violence!

Just use the links above for the lip glosses and you'll be able to order from Lori Layne - she will personally contact you to arrange for delivery or to have your order mailed to you - please let her know you are ordering with the grandma's cookie jar catalog party! 

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  1. Who can't love Lip gloss after hearing that!! Blessings!!