Saturday, September 7, 2013

September is National Courtesy Month!

September is National Courtesy Month, so I want to take this opportunity to once again invite you to like and follow the blog of my friend, Maralee McKee, the Manners Mentor. Along with being one of the sweetest people you could ever want to know, Maralee is one of the most gracious people, too! She has a blog devoted to helping us all, "turn self-consciousness into self-confidence, inspiring you to interact with savvy, ease, and authentic kindness, and challenging you to become You at Your Best"!

Maralee recently released her first book, Manners That Matter for Moms: The Essential Book of Life Skills for Your Kids - you'll find my review of this must-have book at this link. In this review I said, "Manners is not about a list of do's and don'ts which you only need in the most formal of situations. It is not just about knowing when to say please, thank you and excuse me. Maralee says manners are about, "developing the interpersonal skills which will help them become the best versions of themselves they can be in any setting." We all need to know how to do this, for sure! In Manners That Matter for Moms: The Essential Book of Life Skills for Your Kids, Maralee shares some of her own story which is sure to touch and encourage you; and show you the love, grace and power of our amazing God! She then covers everything from how to make a "five-star first impression", to what to say and how to say it, to bathroom and bodily noise etiquette, to dining do's and don'ts - and so much more! If you ever wondered what to say or do, how to say or do it and when not to say it or do it, this book will give you the answers! Plus, Maralee, in her sweet, kind and gracious way, shares this much needed information as a friend! What more could you want?! 

This is a book you can recommend to your family and friends! It is a book for you to read as well. Be sure to take a moment to check out Maralee's blog and her facebook page and become part of her Manner's Mentor family . . . you'll be so glad you did!" 

So, as we celebrate courtesy this month, check out what Maralee has to say to help you be you at your best!

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