Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Circus is Coming to Town!

What could be a more classic and traditional part of community life than the day when the circus comes to town? Billed as, "The Greatest Show on Earth", the circus had
its beginning way back in 1871 when small circuses moved from town to town in caravans which brought excitement with them everywhere they went. In 1919 Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey combined their circuses to make, "The Greatest Show on Earth"!

Today, (according to wiki) "the circus maintains two circus train-based shows, the Blue Tour and the Red Tour, as well as the truck-based Gold Tour (which began in
2003). Each train is a mile long with roughly 60 cars: 40 passenger cars and 20 freight. The Blue and Red Tours present a full three-ring production for two years each (taking off the month of December), visiting alternating major cities each year. The Gold Tour presents a scaled-back, single-ring version of the show, designed to serve smaller markets deemed incapable of supporting the three-ring versions."

I am so happy to say, "The Greatest Show on Earth" is coming to my area and will be in Grand Rapids, MI, September 19 - 22! I've been given four complimentary tickets so I can let you know all about their new show, "Dragons"! I typically have my son, daughter-in-law and grandsons attend events like this so I can share a family's "take" with you and they will be going to the circus on the 19th . . . Josiah's birthday! What a fun way to spend the evening of the day you turn five years old!!!

So, today I want to let you know about this new show . . . Dragons! It sounds exciting! After my son's family experiences the show, I'll post again to let you know what they thought about it! Dragons is on a 90-city US tour (you can find out when it will be in your area by checking this link). They say, "Dragons is a once in a millennium event which honors the Year of the Dragon. Circus performers from the farthest reaches of the earth have assembled for Ringling Bros. Presents DRAGONS to showcase their astounding acts of bravery and astonishing athleticism. Ringling Bros. Ringmaster Johnathan Lee Iverson presides over this fantastical celebratory tournament of circus champions which brings together mystic dragon lore with authentic circus feats.

The anticipation builds throughout Ringling Bros. Presents DRAGONS as Children Of All Age to one phenomenal Ringling Bros. circus act after another, from Shaolin Kung Fu Warriors, charging Cossack riders, magnificent Asian elephants, and fierce tigers to the frenzied Globe of Steel. As the audience observes these and even more real world displays that pay tribute to the dragon, their continued excitement will bring glimpses of the elusive beast. But, the big question remains; what will it take to lure a true dragon from its golden lair? 

Ringling Bros. Presents DRAGONS opens an hour before with the interactive All Access Pre-show, FREE admission with your ticket. Families can participate in interactive experiences such as learning juggling and balancing skills, get performer autographs, see one of Ringling Bros. majestic Asian elephant’s paint a one-of-a-kind masterpiece and meet the Ringling Bros. Clowns, whose side-splitting spoofs, absurd antics and comical parody are guaranteed to keep audiences roaring with laughter!"

Wow! elephants, lions, tigers, horses, trapeze, clowns, motor cycles in a ball, dragons and so much more!!! It looks like so much fun! I'm sure Josiah and Caleb will have a great deal to tell me about . . . and I will be sure to share with you what they say!

Check the link above to see when the circus is coming to a town near you and go with your grandchildren . . . you are sure to make memories which will last a lifetime . . . which is really what a circus is all about!

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