Sunday, September 8, 2013

Today is Grandparent's Day, Literacy Day, Hug Your Hound Day & Pardon Day!

Today is a busy day! It is Grandparent's Day, International Literacy Day, Hug your Hound Day and Pardon Day . . . as I said, it is a busy day for sure! So, let's celebrate!

Clearly if you are a grandparent, you have much to celebrate about every day! Take time to thank God for the grandchildren He has gifted you with and if you can, try to spend at least part of the day with your grandchildren! Enjoy!

I love books so literacy is something I truly value. Be sure to read books to your grandchildren from the time when they are little to help create a love for reading! Be sure to read the Bible to them too! If you have the time, check with your local school to see if they need any volunteers to read to children and help them learn to read. 

As someone who loves dogs - especially Basset Hounds, I'm all for hugging hounds . . .
any day and every day! What could be better than a warm puppy . . . after all, Charlie Brown himself said, "Happiness is a warm puppy!" Dogs are one of the best animals God created and bring joy to their owner's lives! Our Basset Hounds sure did!

Pardon Day is a day to seek forgiveness, where necessary. Take the opportunity to "clean the slate" and start new. We all have times in our lives where others have hurt us - do not let this hurt "fester" into bitterness. Forgive others as it will allow you to experience freedom, peace and joy. It is also a day to say, "Pardon me" and "Excuse me", as appropriate - remember, it is National Courtesy Month!

So, on this busy day, enjoy your grandchildren, read a book, hug your hound and ask for and/or extend forgiveness! Not only will it be a busy day but it will be a wonderful day as well!  

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