Saturday, September 21, 2013

Today is International Rabbit Day!

When my children were young, they each had a pet rabbit - Tiffany named her's, Snowball and Dave named his Indiana Bunny . . . Indy for short! Bunnies are soft and gentle and do make nice pets. In fact, after dogs and cats, worldwide Bunnies are the third most popular pet!

I live in the country so we see a fair amount of bunnies in our yard. When Josiah was little, his daddy found a baby bunny and brought him to the house to show Josiah - we have it on film! Isn't Josiah and the bunny so cute!!!

One day a few years ago, Tiffany found a baby bunny and picked it up. All of a sudden, two big bunnies hopped up to her all concerned . . . apparently they were the parents and just didn't know what to do with someone so big holding their baby! Tiff put their baby down and they hopped away! 

I like bunnies so, a day to celebrate Bunnies is a fun day for sure! International Rabbit Day seeks to protect Rabbits as pets and in the wild - they are opposed to eating rabbits, but I personally think Rabbits are tasty to eat, but not pet rabbits of course!

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