Friday, September 27, 2013

Today is Native American Day!

America was "discovered" by explorers from Europe and is now a country which is made up of people from many nations; we truly are a "melting pot", but the first people who lived here, the Native Americans, were here long before it was "discovered" by explorers. Today is a day to celebrate Native Americans!

I found some information on-line about this day which said, "Native American Day celebrates the first Americans to live in the United States also known as Native Americans. There are more than half a million Native Americans living in the United States, about 300 federal reservations and 21 state reservations. The largest Native American tribe is the Navajo followed by Cherokee and Sioux. Famous Native Americans include Crazy Horse, Sacajawea, Will Rogers, Geronimo, Sitting Bull, Pocahontas, and Squanto."

Sadly, this country does not have a good history of the way it has treated the Native Americans; in the past and even today. There is a lot of despair on the reservations; along with high rates of alcohol abuse, school drop out rates and family dysfunction. On this day to celebrate Native Americans, let's commit to pray for them and look for opportunities to help them. Take time to help your grandchildren understand both the rich history of these people as well as the truth about how they have been treated - and sadly mistreated.

Many of us have Native Americans in our family tree; I have some Mohican on my mom's side and my husband has a fair amount of Cherokee from both his dad's and his mom's sides of the family. Do you have any Native American in your family tree?

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