Wednesday, November 13, 2013

crafting with grandma - Free Pattern for Mike from Monster's University/Inc!

Monster's University recently released to Blu-Ray/DVD and I have to say, when I watched it I absolutely was not disappointed! The return of Mike and Sully was accompanied with a great story, wonderful graphics/animation and strong messages which grandparents - and parents - can be happy to have the children they love watch and learn! I was so surprised - and delighted - to see the messages about not cheating, taking responsibility for . . .  and admittingwhen you made a poor choice and most surprising, the message there are times when you can try your very best and really, truly want something, but it just is not something you can actually do. For example, I can really, truly want to be a champion ice skater, but it really is not something I will ever be; I have weak ankles and a serious, extreme sensitivity to cold. I love how Mike was able to re-focus (even if it meant starting at the "bottom") and find something else he could do; and was really good at - and experience joy at doing that thing!

So, with my enjoyment of Monster's University, I was very happy to find a free pattern for sewing a Mike! I, of course, found it on Pinterest and am delighted to share it with you today! Just follow this link and you will find a supply list, directions and a photo tutorial for making Mike for the children you love! Enjoy!

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