Friday, November 1, 2013

crafting with grandma - Fun, Excellent & Inexpensive Gifts - Puzzle Snowmen!

 Do you enjoy putting puzzles together? What do you do with a puzzle when you after you put it together? Do you save it and then put it together another time or does it get put in the closet never to see the light of day again? If you have a closet with puzzles in it which you are not sure what to do with, consider turning them into great gifts for people on your gift list this year - and I'm not talking about just re-gifting them!

I was browsing on Pinterest the other day and saw a photo of a snowman made from painted puzzle pieces! While it doesn't have directions, it looks like it would be  pretty simple project to make - just paint and then glue until you have the snowman look you want! Add some buttons for eyes and nose - I'd use some bake/clay to make a carrot nose instead of another button, make a scarf from some fleece or an old sweater/scarf and your snowman is finished! This would make such a cute gift and it would allow you to reuse a puzzle which is just sitting in your closet! (I think if you made small versions of this, it would make a great ornament as well!)

This would also make a great project for you to use if you are looking for something your grandchildren could make and give as a gift to their parents or even sell and use the money to help a family in need or buy something like bunnies from WorldHelp's Gifts of Hope catalog . . . I love providing bunnies for families in need around the world!

I LOVE to celebrate Christmas with my family, but more than the fun of Christmas I want my grandsons to know about the most important Gift they will ever receive - Jesus! I want them to grow to be men who share this Gift with others. And, they do not have to wait to be adults to do this! They can give as children so others in need are able to learn about the love of God and how Jesus is the Best Gift they'll ever receive! Making and selling puzzle snowmen is just one way they could do this!

So, what do you think about these puzzle snowmen?

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