Friday, November 22, 2013

grandma's chuckles - What is Most Important & Good Choices

The last month has been a busy one around here . . . I've been busy making Perry and Minion hats for my grandsons, I'm currently about half-way through making a stocking for Shane . . . it has about a kazillion sequins and seed beads, but will be cute when it is finished! I'm working on blankets for Josiah and Caleb for Christmas - one has a road with trucks and one-eyed monsters with three boys and a dog and the other is outer space with rockets, aliens and three boys and a dog! (I'll post photos when they are finished!)

My family all got together for a family photo . . . I wish the photos had been better centered, but a couple turned out and I'm thrilled to have the photos of all of us together!

I've been enjoying my sweet grandsons . . . Wendesdays I pick up Josiah and take him to school, then I go get him when school is out (and lately we then go get Caleb) and hang out until it is time for the Wednesday night Kids 'N Action at my church (Josiah is in the karate class group and is sooo cute in his karate uniform!). This past Wednesday on the way back to their house after church, we were looking for some Christmas lights/decorations as a few people have their decorations out already. We talked about how fun it is to decorate for Christmas and then Josiah said, "But they (the lights) are not the most important part of Christmas." I thought he would say the presents are, after all, he is five! But, he went on to say, "Putting up the Nativity set is the most important because Christmas is Jesus' birthday and it is the most important part!" I'm so happy he is able to see what is most important - especially as a five year old!

The boy's nanny posted something on facebook yesterday, which I want to share with you today! She said, "This morning driving Josiah to school, Wrecking Ball came on the radio and before I could switch it off, he asked, 'Heather, what does that mean? She came in like a wrecking ball, what?!' I looked at him, laughed and said, 'She is letting her audience know she is a bad influence.' Josiah looked at me, smiled and replied back; 'Oh, that's not good. What if she just came in like a wrecking tree? I need to ask my teacher. This doesn't make sense. So, the person singing the song doesn't make good choices.' I said, 'Correct.' Josiah asked who sings the song and I told him it was Miley Cyrus. He said, "Oh, ok. Miley Cyrus makes bad choices.'"

First of all, Heather did a great job in this conversation with Josiah! He has always been a boy who asks questions when he doesn't understand something. I'm glad to see how he is able to process things like this!

It can be a difficult time for children to grow up; there are so many bad examples around them - I think more so than when I was a child. This is one reason it is so important for us to pray for our grandchildren and to keep our focus on being intentional about passing on a heritage of faith to these children who we love so much! I want my grandsons to grow to be boys and then men who know what is most important and who make good choices! It is at times like these when they are able to show they are "getting it" when I am most thankful!


  1. What nice photos and you must be so proud of your sweet grandsons. They are adorable! Lovely family!

  2. Thank you! I am head-over-heels with them for sure; I have been very blessed! :-)