Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm Thankful and Filled with Joy!

Worry. It is so easy to do; we often worry without even realizing it. We begin to think about something which we are concerned about, and then we think about the worse thing which could happen, what we can't control and there we are; worrying. 

The fact is, in this life there are many, many things which we can't control which can leave us worrying or even upset and angry. But, happily, there is another option! We can trust God! This past Sunday at my church, my pastor was preaching on I Peter 2 and I really felt like God was telling me I had a far too small view of Him. I believe God wants me to know He is bigger than I think and is so very able to do much, much more than I can even imagine! So, all week, whenever I started to think and worry about something, God reminded me He is big enough to handle it!

I want my grandchildren to know their grandma, not as someone who was a "worrywart", but rather as a lady who knows, loves and trusts God! Keeping a true view of God is one way for me to be the lady I want them to know! I want them to grow to be men who know, love and trust God because He is so worthy of their trust and love!

As my thoughts turn to Thanksgiving and Christmas . . . well, truthfully, my thoughts are on Christmas much of the year . . . but as these wonderful times of year draw near, I am oh, so very thankful for a true view of God! One which knows He is bigger than I think and He is so very, very able to do far more than I can ever even imagine! Knowing this fills me with joy and I pray you all will know this same joy this wonderful time of year and all year long!

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