Saturday, December 4, 2021

Free Christmas Cards to Connect & Stay in Touch

Today I posted this on my other blog, so thought I'd share it with you, too. In this day of email, facetime and google connect,  there is no shortage of ways to connect with our grandchildren. But, they still tend to love to receive snail mail which is actually for them - especially at Christmas. Yes, old-fashioned snail mail is a wonderful way to stay in touch with our grandchildren - no matter their age or where they live.

Christmas in a "Nutshell"

With Christmas Eve just a twenty days away, I thought I'd share with you some Christmas thoughts . . . 

Friday, December 3, 2021

Christmas Fun - Candy Cane Hunt

I shared this idea with you the last few years - it was a lot of fun, so if you did not try it yet, consider doing so this year; and if you are new to grandma's cookie jar - this is an idea which is "tradition worthy"! What is this great idea? It is for having a candy cane hunt with the children you love - you will find at this link!

Christmas Fun - Homemade Dog Cookies!

If you have any grand-canines and want to involve your grandchildren in a fun activity, consider making a batch of homemade dog cookies (and people Christmas cookies for the people who love them as well!) My grandsons love dogs and they are happy to make a tasty treat for the dogs they "know" the best.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Snowman Donuts!

If you are looking for a simple idea for adding a bit of fun to your grandchild's day, check this link I found on Pinterest for donut snowmen! All you need is construction paper, ribbon a bit of glue or two sided tape and donuts . . . pretty simple and the end result is fun . . . and tasty, too!

Icy Sun Catchers

It is currently not cold enough where I live to try this - and the weather people say it is unlikely to become cold before next year - but if where you live at least has the potential to become cold enough to try this, gather the supplies for the perfect activity for your grands when it is cold enough . . . make Icy Sun Catchers!

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

just for fun - Interesting Christmas Trivia

With Christmas just twenty four days away, I thought it would be fun to share a bit of Christmas trivia with you! Did you know . . . 

It is Tie Month - Let's Make Some Snakes

Yes, December actually is Tie month, so I thought it would be fun to share with you some fun "tie facts" I found online. Did you know . . . 

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Taking the Centuro Mini for a "Spin"

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Centuro Mini Mobility Scooter sent to me for review by Bischoff & Bischoff (one of Europe's largest manufacturers of rollators and mobility scooters.) I wrote how I was impressed with the design, quality, and attention to detail in the Centuro Mini and said I would write again when I had the opportunity to take it out for a "spin". Well, this past weekend my family and I visited Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park and I definitely was able to take the Centuro Mini for a "spin"! Today I am so happy to let you know what I think of it.

Top 5 Reasons for Focusing Our Grandchildren on Giving at Christmas!

 “Christmas time is here. Happiness and cheer. Fun for all that children call, Their favorite time of the year!”

Ah, yes . . . Christmas time is here, or at least many believe so; we celebrated Thanksgiving a few days ago, may have put up our Christmas trees, and today is "Cyber Monday" so people are online shopping for bargains. Christmas time is here and while children are likely to focus upon the gifts they hope to receive . . . as for many children it is their favorite time of year, I believe it is the ideal time to redirect their focus to giving to others! So here are my Top Five Reasons for Focusing Our Grandchildren upon Giving at Christmas . . . 

Monday, November 29, 2021

A Gift Which Lasts All Year & Beyond . . . Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

Are you looking for a gift for your family? One which you do not have to worry about arriving in time for Christmas? One which is more than just another "thing" to open and shortly end up just taking up space? One which will help them connect and build memories? If so, then give the gift of either tickets to or a family membership to Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park (or a botanical garden near you.)

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Christmas Traditions

My grandsons were over last night for a sleepover and so of course, we put up our Christmas tree! My middle grandson and youngest grandson both helped with the lights and then they put the ornaments on the tree - and some candy canes as well! I'm very happy with the look of my tree this year - the boys did a great job!

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Do Not Stop - It Will Endure Forever

"ALL our pleasures and possessions are consigned to oblivion, but the legacy we leave for Christ will endure forever."

Christmas Resources Which Make a Difference - the Single Parent Confident & Successful

Today I am happy to recommend another book written by one of the Grandmas with Heart for you to consider adding to your own intentional grandparenting resource "tool kit" and for you to give as a gift for Christmas to the ones you love. Today's book, the single parent: confident and successful is written by one of our "Grandmas" - Linda Ranson Jacobs and while it was specifically written for single parents/grandparents, it is filled with wisdom about handing down confident faith making the single parent: confident and successful a great gift for any and all parents and grandparents - single or not.