Saturday, March 28, 2015

grandma's cookbook - Homemade Mini-Pizzas

When you think about cooking with children, choose recipes they can have a real part in helping to prepare . . . one great recipe is homemade unique mini-pizzas! The recipe is pretty straightforward, but it is one your grandchildren can literally "get their hands into" and really help prepare a meal for the family to enjoy!

My grandsons love to help make these pizzas - I mix the dough and then let them shape their own pizza into whatever shape they want. They add the toppings they want and then, when it is baked, they enjoy the pizzas they made! Definitely delicious fun!

You will find the recipe and directions below so you can have fun with your grandchildren making mini pizzas! Enjoy!

Friday, March 27, 2015

just for fun - What Can You Do With A Cardboard Box?

A pirate ship.We all have likely experienced the situation where we shopped for the "perfect" gift for our grandchild, certain they would be happy with it, only to have them be more interested in the box than the toy! Boxes are such wonderful things; they can become most anything a child imagines!

Two More Days to Vote!

You have two more days to vote in our Cookie Recipe Contest - if you have not already done so! Debbie's Brownie Cookies are catching up to Amy's Seven Layer Cookies and Raina's Three Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies still have time to come from behind for the win! It's all up to you!

You'll find the poll at the top right side of grandma's cookie jar . . . there are three recipes in our finals; please vote for your favorite!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Only a Month to Go Until My Special Month of Birthday Giveaways!

In five days I'll start announcing the special giveaways for this year's Birthday Month of Special Giveaways . . . to be given away throughout the month of May! I have quite a group of special things I'll be reviewing and giving away throughout May . . . of course you already know about the American Girl Doll, but I also have items from Cross pen, USApan, Shutterfly, books, special candles and more! 

I'm looking forward to sharing my reviews of these things with you throughout April and then giving them away in May . . . please plan now to join in the fun and learn about the giveaways in April and possibly win something fun in May!

The Top Five Things I Want to See in My Grandsons' Lives

As grandparents we all have things we hope and pray for in regards to our grandchildren, but if I were to think about the top five things I want to see in my grandsons' lives I'd have to say they are . . . 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It's Waffle Day!

Image result for waffle day imagesWhat could be a tastier way to start a day than with a plate of homemade waffles? Well, if you enjoy waffles, today is a day to celebrate as it is Waffle Day! I thought it would be fun to share a few waffle fun facts with you which I found on-line . . . did you know . . .

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

grandma's cookbook - Rock Candy Fun!

ROCK CANDY EXPERIMENT: A beautiful Science experiment & a yummy treat all in one.  My kids loved checking on their jars each day to see if the rock candy had grown!As I was browsing on Pinterest this morning to find ideas for decorating eggs, I found a recipe for making homemade rock candy loliipops . . . and I know my grandsons would have so much fun with this, so I'm planning to have them make some this weekend and share the recipe with you!

crafting with grandma - Decorate those Eggs!

Create colorful EASTER EGGS using Melted Crayons. It's easy to do + KIDS will LOVE it. Read the tutorial now or Pin for Later!Resurrection Sunday is just a week and a half away, so if you are looking for some fun ways to have your grandchildren decorate eggs this year, look at these great ideas I found on Pinterest . . . 

Monday, March 23, 2015

crafting with grandma - DIY Mother's Day Hand-print Cutting Board

Wood Burned Cutting Board-6Mother's Day will be here in a month and a half, so if you are looking for a fun craft which you could help your grandchildren make for their mom, check this idea I found on Pinterest this morning!

I think it would be fun to use this idea, but instead of drawing a house on the cutting board, trace around your grandchildren's hands! You will need to do the wood-burning part - unless you have older grandchildren, but this is a project they can definitely have a part in making and one their mom will use and love!

You'll find all the specifics at this link - what do you think? Is this a project you might make with your grandchildren for Mother's Day?

Time to Vote for the Winner in Our Cookie Recipe Contest!

For the past ten days you have been voting for the recipe you like the best from our cookie recipe contest; today I'm happy to post the top three vote getting recipes and you may now vote for the one you like the best!

There are prizes; the winner of the cookie recipe contest will receive one The Berenstain Bears' Country Cookbook;  twenty-five extra entries into the American Girl Doll Girl of the Year 2015 give-away and the cookbook - Hot & Cheesy. Surprisingly, even though this cookbook has cheese recipes, it does have some cheesy desserts including cheesecake, torte, cake and several recipes which remind me of pie! With this cookbook you will be able to fix a tasty dinner and then enjoy cookies for dessert!

So . . . the cookie recipes which are in our final three are . . . 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Let's Educate Ourselves About Child Slavery & Act

I recently wrote about child slavery and was asked how we can find out where the things
we buy were made so we do not end up supporting child slavery. I will give you several websites where you can find out more about this, so along with checking labels - look for information about where the item is from, the fair trade label, Rainforest Alliance label - shop the frog - or even if it is listed as "organic" - all these can help you find manufacturers who do not use slaves.

But, please keep in mind, simply boycotting items is not the answer in and of itself. In some cases entire families work to provide a living for the family. In these cases it is important for manufacturers to provide a living wage and to insure safe working conditions along with education for children. In the cases where children are sold as slaves or kidnapped and used as slaves or work in the sex or porn industries, it must be stopped. Where children are exploited we do have to speak very loudly with our dollars as it is often the only language they understand. The following links will help you learn more about this -

I Have a Winner!

I'm happy to say Tina Brake Koenig is the winner in my four-book give-away (you'll find the review at this link). Thank you Tina for reading grandma's cookie jar (please message me your address by tomorrow - March 23, 2015 so I can have your books sent to you) and thank you Zonderkidz for sending me these books to review and for making additional books available for me to give away!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

American Girl Doll Give-Away & It's French Bread Day!

Do you enjoy baking? What is your favorite thing to bake? Do you like to bake bread? What is your favorite bread recipe? Today is French Bread Day . . . if you like to bake homemade bread, this is a great day to bake some french bread!

This year the Girl of the Year doll from American Girl has grandparents and an aunt and uncle who are bakers with their own bakeries. Grace, the 2015 Girl of the Year, loves to bake as well and wants to one day have her own bakery - as we learn in the story which comes with Grace. 

In just a little over two months, on May 24, 2015 I am giving away one American Girl Doll and Paperback Book - Grace, the 2015 Girl of the Year doll (USA only)! If you live in the USA, are over the age of 18 and would like to be included in the drawing for Grace - which will be on May 24, 2015 (during my Month of Birthday Give-Aways), please comment below to let me know your favorite homemade bread memory! I actually live in the house my dad was born in. I remember sleep-overs in this house with my grandparents. My grandma often made homemade bread and if I was at her house when a loaf came out of the oven, she would give me a slice of bread with Peter Pan peanut butter on it! So yummy! Now I'm the grandma and my grandsons come here for sleep-overs . . . and they also love t eat a slice of fresh baked homemade bread!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Don't Contribute to Child Slavery

I know this blog is about being a grandma and passing on a heritage of faith to our grandchildren, but after doing some research on Children's MInistry around the world, my eyes were opened to the horror of child slavery. In many places around the world children as young as five years old are forced into dangerous and difficult labor as slaves. I'm confident you all are as horrified by this as I am.

But, are you horrified enough to actually do anything about it? True, there may not be much we can do to physically stop the selling and abuse of children by making them slaves, but we can choose to not purchase things which are a result of child slavery. 

In my research I learned there are so many children in slavery who are forced to work on cocoa farms in Africa and 70% of the cocoa used in this world is from Africa. I love chocolate, but I hate child slavery, so I will no longer buy chocolate which is a result of child slavery. And just so you know, coffee, tea and vanilla are also crops where children are forced to work long and hard as slaves; children as young as five years old.