Friday, October 22, 2021

A Fantastic, Free Apologetics Resource for You

It would be challenging to read my posts and not see I am completely convinced we must teach the ones we love the "whys" - why we are able to believe in God and trust His Word with confidence. So, today I am very happy to write about a fantastic, free resource i found last evening on the Gospel Coalition's website - One-Minute Apologetics videos!

I Have a Winner!

I'm happy to say Mary Beth Dawson is the winner of Mission: Ends of the Earth (Please email me by October 29, 2021 to let me know the address where the game may be sent -

Thursday, October 21, 2021

crafting with grandma - My Favorite Non-Snow Snowperson!

Christmas is only 64 days away . . . can you believe it?!!! If you are looking for a cute, fun, and simple craft you could make to give as gifts, take a look at my little non-snowperson . . . I've given this to lots of people over the years and it has always been a favorite  . . . to give and to receive! 

grandma's cookbook . . . Cherry Jam Thumbprint Cookies!

If you enjoy baking cookies with your grandchildren and want to try a recipe which you may not typically make, consider this recipe for Cherry Jam Thumbprint Cookies (I found it at this link and "tweaked" it just a bit) . . . 

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

A Place Where Disciples are Hand-Made

I posted this yesterday on my other blog - Grandmas with Heart - and thought I'd share it with you today. 

I love this quote from David Kinnaman (from the Barna Group.) While certainly the church has a role in communicating truth to children and teens, we will most effectively do so in the context of close relationships. Yes, churches are able to build these types of relationships with children and teens, but parents and grandparents are ideally placed by God to do so.

crafting with grandma - Wood Pumpkins!

Apparently in some places it is difficult to find real pumpkins this Fall, so if you have not been able to find a real pumpkin, or if you just might like to make a very cute, easy and inexpensive wood pumpkin, then this post is for you! These pumpkins look so fun and like an item children could make - as long as the cutting is finished, so all the parts are ready for them to complete. Or, if you are participating in any Fall craft sales, these little pumpkins are sure to be a big hit!

We Have a Winner!

I'm happy to say Leela is the winner of Bible Animals Click Clack Match! (Please email me by October 27, 2021 to let me know the address where the game may be sent - Thank you Bible Games Central for sending a game for me to review and for making another available for me to give away.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Game Giveaway Tomorrow!


Tomorrow, October 20, 2021, is the day for the drawing for a winner of the Bible Animals Click Clack Match game! If you have not yet signed up for this giveaway, today is the day to do so! 

October is National Popcorn Poppin' Month!

Who knew there were so many months which celebrated specific foods???!!! Well, if any food is to be celebrated, popcorn should definitely be on the list! I LOVE popcorn! Popped, caramel, it really doesn't matter, I LOVE popcorn!

Monday, October 18, 2021

Prayers that Stir the Hearts of Grandparents

One of our Grandmas with Heart, Sherry Schumann is the author of the book;  Prayers that Stir the Hearts of Grandparents, so today it is my honor and delight to let you know about this wonderful book.

crafting with grandma - Nativity Ornament

Nativity Ornament Wood Craft TutorialIt is so easy for children to focus on the "getting" part of Christmas . . . what gifts will they "get"? What activities will they "get" to do? How many parties will they "get" to go to? The list goes on. But, Christmas is really about giving, God gave His Son to us! Well . . . I guess it is also about "getting" as we are the ones who "get" to receive the gift of Grace and forgiveness from God!

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Fantastic News from the Christian Grandparenting Network

We are so happy to share the wonderful announcement of how Sherry Schumann is stepping into the role as president of Christian Grandparenting Network as of this past September 1st! Sherry asks us to pray for her as she serves in this new endeavor.

Tomorrow is Chocolate Cupcake Day!!!

Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes by @browneyedbaker :: www.browneyedbaker.comTomorrow is Chocolate Cupcake Day!!!! Do we have any doubt tomorrow will be an amazing day???!!!! Chocolate Cupcake Day!!! WooHoo!!! I am most definitely celebrating this one!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2021

It's Cookie Month!

Well . . . around this grandma's house every month is Cookie Month, but technically, October is Cookie Month! What a delicious month to celebrate because who doesn't love a tasty, soft, yet slightly crunchy cookie?!!!!