Wednesday, January 19, 2022

FREE Valentine's Day Game!

I was browsing on Pinterest  and found a Valentine's Day game printable which I thought would be fun to share with you .  .  . so, if you have young grandchildren, this could be a Valentine's Day gift which not only will help your grandchildren learn to identify different animals, but will give you a fun game you can play with them!

Meet Your 2022 Goals to Move More with the Help of the Alevo Alu

The start of a new year often means setting goals and making resolutions to try and live a healthier life. As we get older, whether due to age or health or both, these goals/resolutions may be more difficult to accomplish, but happily there are "tools" to help us. One such "tool" is the Alevo Alu by Porsche design. If you experience challenges with mobility, or just need something to help you be more secure in your walking, the Alevo Alu is for you!

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

just for fun - January is Brainteaser's Month!

Typically, I'm not great at brainteasers . . . my husband is, but I don't tend to "get them". However, since January is Brainteaser's Month, I thought I'd browse a bit on Pinterest and look for some Brainteasers, even I could "get" and then share them with you!

I found a few . . . if I can "get" them, they are likely ones your grandchildren will enjoy, so . . . here they are . . . 

crafting with grandma - Valentines Day Salt-Dough Hand-Print Hearts!

Valentines day craftIf you have been reading grandma's cookie jar for long, you know I love crafts which involve making hand and/or footprints of my grandsons . . . they grow up so very fast, so being able to save a "moment in time" when they are "little" is something I cherish!

Monday, January 17, 2022

Winter Fun - Frozen Ice Balloons!

It is finally getting cold enough for some special winter activities . . . yes, here in Michigan it typically is cold enough months ago, but I'm not complaining since I prefer  warmer winters! I do have a fun idea I found on Pinterest which required colder outdoor temps, so now I'm looking forward to the opportunity to try it with the boys!

crafting with grandma - Crocheted Heart Strings

Valentine's Day is less than a month away, so if you are looking for a project you could make with your older granddaughters, check this pattern I found on Pinterest today for crocheted heart bracelets.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Hand Down the Faith with Mystery Bags - Stained Glue Valentines Day Hearts

From time to time I browse on Pinterest  to look at ideas for projects I might try with my grandsons. A few years ago I found a wonderful craft which is perfect for Valentines Day - Stained Glue Valentines Day Hearts - and since it is just a month away, today I'm happy to share it with you as our "Mystery Bag" project for this week.

Fun Printable Valentines . . . Paper Airplanes & Paper Dolls!

I remember Valentine's Day when I was a child . . . we always made a card box, choose or made cards and gave them to everyone in my class. Children still do this today and there are no shortage of cards available for parents to buy for their children to give to their classmates. But, maybe it would be fun to give something unique; something special, something fun instead . . . printable paper airplanes and paper dolls!

Friday, January 14, 2022

Four Steps to Making Great Memories with Grandchildren!

Image result for clipart for 4One of my favorite devotions from the Grandmother's Biblewas written by Bobbie Wolgemuth and is entitled, I Will . .  I Will . . .  She says, "Psalm 9 contains a great 'I Will' activity list to remember when you spend time with your grandchild. First, start with an attitude of praise. Tell the Lord what you are thankful for. Count your blessings, name them. It will be easy to have a heart full of thankfulness after you've named even a few. Your heart will be full and running over with the kind of attitude which pleases God and spills over on the young ones with the love of the Savior. 

crafting with grandma - Homemade Harmonicas . . . Fun for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is just a month away, so I thought it would be fun to find some different ideas our grandchildren could try for unique and memorable Valentines. Of course this meant I started by browsing through Pinterest . . . where I came upon an idea which fit what I was looking for . . . interesting, unique and fun for the boys to make!

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Bob, Not Bob! from Jambo Books

For the past few days I have been sharing about Jambo Books and the books they offer in their wonderful book clubs - today I am happy to let you know about the third and final book in the box they sent - Bob, Not Bob! written and illustrated by  Audrey Vernick, Liz Garton Scanlon, and Matthew Cordell.

grandma's cookbook - Inside-Out S'mores Bars

Here in Michigan it has been cold - in the single digits and below . . . but today it is a "balmy" 32 . . . a real "heat-wave" compared to what it has been! So, if where you live has been cold . . . or even if it has not . . . and you are looking for a fun idea to "warm" everyone up, check this fun recipe I found this morning as I browsed on Pinterest for Inside-Out S'mores Bars.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Little Night/Nachecita - from Jambo Books!

Yesterday I wrote about Jambo Books and today I am very happy to let you know about the second of the tree books in the box I received - Little Night/Nachecita by Yuyi Morales.

grandma's cookbook - Toffee Butter Cookies!

You're just six ingredients away from these glorious, melt in your mouth, Toffee Butter Icebox Cookies! Deliciously buttery and perfectly rich, this easy cookie recipe is the perfect dessert for any day! | | #cookie: Get ready to start gathering ingredients and baking totally delicious cookies . . . this morning I was browsing on Pinterest and found a link to a recipe for Toffee Butter Cookies! Now, my husband - and grandchildren - enjoy toffee and Josiah is particularly a fan of butter cookies . . . after all, what isn't there to LOVE about butter cookies???!!!