Thursday, May 5, 2016

Lesson Learned!

I am a truly blessed grandma . . . I see this daily in so many ways, but one big way is in how I am able to see and spend time with my grandsons pretty much every week . . . and typically more than once a week! On the average week I see my youngest grandson Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and then either Wednesday or Thursday (I babysit for him on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays) and my other two grandsons either Wednesday or Thursday and then Friday and Saturday . . . we just hang out Wednesdays or Thursdays after school and then take them to our Church's mid-week (if on a Wednesday) or spend time doing Science, the Bible & Fun together and then Fridays the boys have a sleep-over and of course are here for at least part of the day on Saturday.

This is a typical week for me - and like I said, I am most certainly blessed!

The boys were at my house yesterday afternoon and early evening and I learned something important . . . or at least was reminded of something I was too distracted to think about. Caleb (four years old) wanted to do some work to earn money for something he wanted to buy, so I gave him some jobs to do. First of all, I have to say I'm so impressed with how hard he worked, what a great job he did following instructions and with how he stuck with it until he completed the work he was given to do!

I Have a Winner & Another Giveaway Tomorrow!

I'm happy to say Mary Beth Dawson is the winner of one Orkin Summer Scientist Bug Catching Kit! (Thank you Mary Beth for reading grandma's cookie jar - please email me at by May 12, 2016 so I can turn your info in to get your prize sent to you - please email me your address) and thank you Orkin and PartnersHub for sending a kit for me and for making another available for me to give away!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I Have a Winner & Another Giveaway Tomorrow!

I'm happy to say Sarah Yurga is the winner of  one plush Leopard Shark puppet from Folkmanis.! (Thank you Sarah for reading grandma's cookie jar - please email me your address at by May 11, 2016 so I can send it to you) and thank you Folkmanis for sending it for me to give away!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Special Birthday Month Giveaway on May 13, 2016 - The League and the Lantern

My grandson Josiah is seven years old and he loves to read. He reads several grades ahead . . . I know this because when I give him a chapter book, he reads it in about a week - or less! Even when the book is written for children ten, eleven and twelve years old.

So, when I was recently invited to read and review a new book for children in this age group, even though I am really busy and did not really have time to read a chapter book, I checked it out. The book is, The League and the Lantern and it is described as; "An adventure series children will want to read!" As I looked the information over, I decided it sounded like a book Josiah would love to read, so I agreed to participate in the review.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Don't Miss What Matters Most

It is very easy with the hustle-bustle of our lives for us to become so caught up in all the things we are doing we end up losing sight of those things which matter the most. While many of the things we do each day are fine things for us to do - even important things which do matter, we need to be focused upon those things which are most important. 

So, what is most important? Well, if we have grandchildren, then clearly we can know for sure God wants us to pass on our faith to them. This is important. Truly important. Most important. While we have other things in our lives which are important, if our grandchildren grow up to not love, follow and walk with God, nothing else we do will matter. Passing on our faith is what matters.

So, we want to be sure our grandchildren understand how God offers them life through Jesus' death and resurrection. No longer do they have to live trying to pay for their sins by keeping a list of rules none of us can keep. No longer do they have to try to find ways to earn their salvation. God offers it as a gift! His grace changes everything!

This is the essence of the message we as grandparents want to pass on to our grandchildren. If we accomplish much in our lives, but do not let them know about God's grace which is available, because of Jesus' death and resurrection, we will have missed the most important thing of all.

I Have a Winner & Another Giveaway in Two Days!

Today is the second giveaway in my annual Birthday Month Giveaways, and I'm happy to say Karen is the winner of Deeper In 4 Grandparents & Parents, Too! Praying the Scriptures for the Children You Love - Psalms Edition! (Thank you Karen for reading grandma's cookie jar - please email me your address at by May 9, 2016 so I can send it to you!)

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Just for Fun . . . Silly Laws - Enjoy!

Yesterday when my grandsons were at my house we got to talking about "silly" laws - he thought it was really funny any state had a law saying it was illegeal to tie an alligator to a fire hydrant!

So, today, to put a smile on my grandsons' faces . . . and your faces, too, I thought it would be fun to share a few silly laws with you! Did you know . . . 

I Have a Winner & Another Giveaway Tomorrow!

It is May 1st and the start of my annual Birthday Month of Giveaways! Today I'm happy to say Karen Klepsteen is the winner of The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance! (Thank you Karen for reading grandma's cookie jar - please email me at by May 8, 2016 and I'll email you a special code so you will be able to receive this game!) and thank you Scarlet City Studios for making this game available for me (and my grandson) to review and an additional code for me to give away!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

What Does a Grandma Need to Do?

So, what exactly is it a grandma needs to do? Well, of course we need to make cookies, give hugs, kisses and snuggle with our grandchildren - these are "givens", but what else is it a grandma needs to do?

A grandma needs to know her grandchildren, so she can tell if they are sad, afraid, concerned or something is on their mind. A grandma needs to be able to share God's Word with her grandchildren to help them better understand "life" as they go through it and how God cares about and loves them. A grandma needs to be a prayer warrior - praying for her grandchildren in the good times and the challenging and difficult times as well.

These are just a few of the things a grandma needs to do, but they are all essential parts of being a grandma. Spend some time today praying for your grandchildren and ask God to help you be the grandma you need to be!

Friday, April 29, 2016

One of My Favorite Flowers . . .

I love Spring for many reasons . . . it is warmer, the leaves bud on the trees, it looks like "Dr. Seuss Land" all around with pink, purple and yellow trees (the flowers bloom on trees in the Spring covering them with so many colors - I think Dr. Seuss must have wrote and illustrated his books in the Spring!!!) and because one of my favorite flowers can be seen nearly every place I look! What is this favorite flower, you ask??? I'll tell you . . . it is the Dandelion!

Yes, I know - my oldest grandson and my husband were sure to let me know they are actually weeds, not flowers, but I still love them! 

I wrote about this the other day on the Legacy Coalition's facebook page . . . you'll find my post at this link. Please take a minute to check it out . . . you may find yourself laughing, and certainly smiling!


Special Month of Birthday Giveaways Begins in Two Days on May 1, 2016!

In just two days I will begin celebrating the writing of grandma's cookie jar for five years with our Fifth Special Month of Birthday Giveaways by giving away one new on-line video game for tweens . . . The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance!

You still have time to enter this giveaway - you'll find all the details at this link. You'll also find my full review at the same link - please check it out and enter . . . who knows??? Maybe you will win!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Special Birthday Month Giveaway - Shutterfly 15oz Photo Mug!

For the past month I've been announcing giveaways for this year's Special Birthday Month of giveaways . . . one of my favorite times of the year! Today I'm announcing the 17th giveaway (I may end up with a couple more) and will be ready to hold the first giveaway in just three days! Yes, just three days!

But first, information about this giveaway . . . one of my favorites . . . for a personalized photo mug from Shutterfly! I am so happy to be able to announce this giveaway, because the mug I'm giving away is my favorite! I personally have a number of these mugs and love the size, color, weight and, of course, the photos on the mugs!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Jehoshaphat, "Vast" Armies & Trusting God to Be Faithful No Matter What We Face

Today's post is longer than most, but please take a minute or two to read it.

Do you have a favorite Bible Adventure? I do. While there are many accounts in the Bible which I love to read and study, I am truly fascinated and encouraged by the life of Jehoshaphat. Who is Jehoshaphat, you ask?

Well, allow me to give you a brief “family tree”. David was king of all Israel and Judah, and he was known as, “a man after God’s own heart”. He was not perfect and he did sin, but he repented and turned to God when he did, and focused on knowing and walking with God throughout his life. When David died, Solomon became king. Even though his father knew and walked with God, Solomon did not remain faithful to God; he allowed his many wives to lead him into worshiping false gods.

When Solomon died, the kingdom split and Judah was ruled by Solomon’s son, Rehoboam, who did not always follow God. But towards the end of his reign he humbled himself which pleased God. When Rehoboam died, his son Abijah become king; in 2 Chronicles 13 he said,

The Lord is our God, and we have not forsaken him. God is with us; he is our leader.”  

When Abijah died, his son Asa became king and in 2 Chronicles 14 it says he;

Did what was good and right in the eyes of the Lord his God.”

In 2 Chronicles 15, God sent a message to King Asa. God told him;

The Lord is with you when you are with him. If you seek him, he will be found by you, but if you forsake him, he will forsake you.”

When Asa heard this, he took courage, and the Bible says he removed idols from the land and led the people in turning to God. Sadly, in the final years of his life, he did not seek God and died not being completely faithful to God.

This brings us to Jehoshaphat, the son of Asa and Great-great-great grandson of King David. 2 Chronicles 17:3-6 says;

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Special Birthday Month Giveaway - Cross Botanica Purple Orchid Pen

As I have mentioned a time or two - or maybe more - I like Cross pens! Over the years I have had the wonderful opportunity to review a number of their beautiful fountain pens. I noticed one of their new designs - the Botanica - and asked if it might be possible to receive one of their Selectip (rollerball, but could also be a ballpoint or highlighter) for give-away. Happily, they said, "Yes!" and sent a beautiful Botanica pen! I'm very happy today for the opportunity to let you know what I think of this pen and announce a give-away as well!