Monday, September 25, 2017

Celebrating with Buckets of Water!

This past weekend we celebrated a milestone in my youngest grandson's life . . . he recently achieved being completely potty trained! A significant happening in the life of children - and a happy day for parents and grandparents for sure!

Since I love celebrating, and this is a big moment in life, we have always held a "Hooray! I'm a Big Boy Now Party" for my grandsons when they became potty trained. This grandson was quite happy to have his special party - and wanted to celebrate by dumping a bucket of water on his dad's head!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Have Fun Handing Down the Faith with Science, the Bible & Fun!

My grandsons love science projects - especially any with big, surprising results . . . like when we combine baking soda and vinegar! So, knowing I could get their attention with science projects, I wrote 52 lessons with the goal of introducing the boys to real people like Josiah, Caleb, John, Jehoshaphat, Daniel and of course, Jesus. I use science projects to introduce the point - and to help my grandsons remember the point. We keep prayer journals. We play silly games. We have fun together - hence the name; Science, the Bible & Fun!

I want my grandsons to know, love and walk with God, so to help them with this I'm intentional about doing things with them to help them learn to read their Bibles, pray and walk with God. You can do the same with Science, the Bible & Fun - check it out at this link.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Christmas & Generations Quest

Today, where I live in Michigan, it is expected to be in the 90's . . . yes, I said the 90's in late September in Michigan. No, this is not typical! (In an average year it would be around 70 degrees outside.)

So, while it is very warm out today, my thoughts are going towards Christmas. I'm thinking about the gifts I want to give my family this year. My grandsons are young (nine, six and four) and so to them, not surprisingly, great gifts tend to be tech focused or with a heavy emphasis on super heroes! And since they love rocks and fossils, should they receive any of these, they would be quite happy for sure!

It is likely my grandsons will receive gifts which put a smile on their faces, but along with those smiles I want to give them something which will have lasting value. Something which encourages their walk with God, because while tech, super heroes, rocks and fossils hold meaning for them today, anything I do which helps them grow in their walk with God has the potential to last for their lifetime.

World Alzheimer's Day

Ordinarily when I write on grandma's cookie jar, I write posts to encourage and put a smile on your face. Today is World Alzheimer's Day; this post is to educate.

Consider this fact about Alzheimer's - since 2000 deaths by heart disease have decreased by 20% while death by Alzheimer's has increased by 89% . . . yes, 89%. Few of us have lives which have not been touched by Alzheimer's - my own dear parents are dealing with it as my dad has this disease.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

grandma's cookbook - Pumpkin Soft Pretzels & Serving Others

A couple years ago I shared this recipe for Pumpkin Soft Pretzels when my grandson and I made them. Today I'm sharing it again - next weekend the boys and I are making them again . . . a double batch this time, so they will be able to combine making the pretzels (and eating them) with a service project . . . sharing them with the neighbors!

The recipe is easy to make - only takes 30 minutes - and the end result - pumpkin soft pretzels - are delicious, soft and completely delightful!

If you would like to try it, you'll find the recipe at this link.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Maurice the Unbeastly - I'm Giving One Away!

I have three grandsons - ages four, six and nine, so around this grandma's house, stories about monsters and beasts are not uncommon and are enjoyed. So, when I was invited by Sterling Children's Books to review a new book about a beast, I knew my grandsons were likely to enjoy it. 

Today I'm happy to share my review with you - and let you know my grandsons loved this book!

I Have a Winner!

I'm happy to say Gaye Valle is the winner of Rufus Blasts Off! (You'll find my review at this link.) Thank you Gaye for reading grandma's cookie jar (please email me your address at by September 27, 2017, so I am able to have it sent to you) and thank you Sterling Children's Books for sending one for me to review and for making another available for me to give away.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

HomeFront Magazine & Kindness Rocks!

I recently "met" (on-line) and became friends with Debbie Kinne Guinn - the editor of HomeFront magazine. (I was invited to write an article for the November issue.) 

HomeFront magazine is a wonderful resource for parents and grandparents - they describe themselves as; "HomeFront is a monthly magazine and parenting curriculum combined into one – based on the 10 Environments highlighted in the book Spiritual Parenting by Dr. Michelle Anthony. It is filled with recipes, craft ideas, stories, and more to inspire, equip, and support you on your parenting journey. Each magazine is divided into two sections: Family Time and Inspire, Equip, Support.

Monday, September 18, 2017

"God Knows Something We Do Not Know"

As I have mentioned before, I really love the feature on Facebook called, "On This Day". I love seeing the photos from previous years and being reminded of the fun things my grandsons said and did.

Yesterday I was reminded how last year, when my oldest grandson was seven, we were talking about prayer and how sometimes it seems like God does not hear and answer our prayers. My grandson said; "God does hear and answer our prayers, it is just He knows something we do not know, so He does not answer our prayers the way we think He should.

Yes, he was seven at the time!

This is a truth we all need to remember, and one I'm so thankful my grandsons know at this point in their young lives.

No Donuts for Talk Like a Pirate Day This Year

For the past several years, my son, daughter-in-law and grandsons have participated in National Talk Like a Pirate Day, by dressing up like pirates and stopping by their local Krispy Kreme where they were rewarded with free boxes of donuts.

We always remember this fun day, because it is also my oldest grandson's birthday, but this year Kripy Keme is not participating in National Talk Like a Pirate Day.

I will miss the photos of my son and family all dressed up as pirates, but maybe next year!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

2017 Christmas Gift Review & Giveaway!

Just in case you are wondering, yes, I plan to start my 2017 Christmas Gift Reviews October 1st and my 2017 Christmas Gift Giveaways November 1st! And, yes, I have another lovely American Girl doll to give away again this year (Nanea the new Hawaiian doll)! I also have two beautiful photo blankets - and several other great photo gifts which you will be able to personalize should you win, a candle from Yankee Candle, puppets from Folkmanis (wait until you see the big classic Mickey and Minnie puppets!!!) Bibles from Zondervan, a great collection of books and a few other items - all in all, I'm pleased with the gifts I will be able to give away again this year!

So, please be sure to join me throughout October as I review the items in this year's Christmas Gift Review and announce the giveaways - and then throughout the month of November as I give away a lot of wonderful items! It will be a lot of fun for sure.

I Have a Winner & Another Giveaway in Four Days!

I'm happy to say Arlene Cruze is the winner of the the fun book - Amazing Animal Friendships: Odd Couples in Nature  (You'll find my review at this link.) Thank you Arlene for reading grandma's cookie jar (please email me your address - - by September 23, 2017, so I can have it sent to you) and thank you Sterling Children's Books for sending one for me to review and for making another available for me to give away.

Friday, September 15, 2017

I Have No Greater Joy & the Legacy Coalition

From time-to-time I post memes from the Legacy Coalition - such as yesterday and again today. This is one they posted to their facebook page this morning and I love it so much, I had to share it with you.

If you have not checked out - and better yet, liked/followed - the Legacy Coalition's facebook page, please follow this link and do so today.

Thursday, September 14, 2017


There are many important messages our grandchildren need to receive from us, but one of the most important is the truth about how God moves our sins completely away from us when we ask Him for forgiveness. This world - and sadly, people in it - may hold things against them, but God does not.