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The FTC requires people, such as myself, who write blogs and review product to disclose where the product came from and if it was given to them for review purposes. All books, resources, give-away items for my "grandma's pick" and items I review for specific posts/articles are given to me by their publisher and/or manufacturer for free for review and/or give-away purposes. I do not work for any publishers - or other companies - and will do my best to give an un-biased review of the items I review. After my review, I have drawings among the people who have "liked" and or "followed" my blog with the facebook and follow buttons on the blog for the "grandma's pick" give-away items. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising"

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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to consider if advertising on “grandma's cookie jar” is a good “fit” for your company. First allow me to give you some background on our blog. Fourteen years ago I began writing “About the Children’s Department” as a webzine. I reviewed curriculum and resources for children’s ministry. Eventually we expanded our reviews to include product for all areas of the church and changed our name to “’round about the church”. I continued to write reviews of curriculum and became known for my reviews and side-by-side comparison charts. Christianity Today’s Your Church Magazine began publishing my VBS and curriculum reviews and charts – in 2009 my VBS review was the second most read article of the year in Your Church Magazine.

Sadly, Your Church Magazine was discontinued as of December 2010, so we
decided to “revise” “About the Children’s Department”, but this time as a blog. We are thrilled to say we have a strong following of people involved in children’s ministry as well as parents and grandparents - our numbers are growing each month!

I greatly enjoy writing About the Children's Department, but also wanted to write a blog for grandmas . . . I am a grandma and very much enjoy everything about being a grandma! I believe grandmas have the unique opportunity to "pamper" a grandchild a tad bit from time to time . . . this is a very enjoyable part of being a grandma! Most importantly, grandmas have a huge responsibility to help their grandchildren know Jesus and learn how to walk with Him. It is my prayer grandma's cookie jar will be a resource for grandmas - and grandpas, dads and moms, too -  to help them "pamper" their grandchildren a tad bit from time to time and be a place where they will find ideas and resources to help them grow in their own personal walk with Jesus as well as find reviews of books to read to and with their grandchildren, recipes to make with their grandchildren, crafts to enjoy and fun ideas for all year!

We invite you to advertise with us.  Our readership grows each day!

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250 x 250 banner: $60 for 30 days, $115 for 60 days, $175 for 90 days
300 X 250 banner: $75 for 30 days, $145 for 60 days, $220 for 90 days

Thank you again for considering advertising with “grandma's cookie jar”. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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