Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Have A Winner In My Grandmother's Bible Give-Away!

The Grandmother's BibleI'm happy to announce, Annette Vandenberg is the winner in my Grandmother's Bible give-away! The Grandmother's Bible is a truly "must-have" Bible for all grandmothers . . . it will truly "nourish grandmothers as they nurture their grandchildren"! Thank you Annette for reading grandma's cookie jar and thank you Zondervan for sending a Grandmother's Bible for my review and another for give-away!

crafting with grandma - Special Family Scrabble Picture!

Do you like to make unique, special gifts for the people on your gift list? Do you enjoy helping your grandchildren learn to make unique special gifts for the people on their gift list? There are only four months until Christmas, so if you'd like a great idea for a truly unique gift, try this one! You could help your grandchildren make this gift for their parents!

Supplies -
Directions -
  • lay your family's last name on the game board
  • figure out how to add the names of each family member
  • glue each tile in place
  • spell out, family, heritage, faith and love on the four tile trays
  • glue tiles to tile trays
  • center tile trays on the four sides of the game board, glue in place
  • hang however you like
This is a craft you can make with even your young grandchildren - just help them with the glue and with placing the tiles in the appropriate places! As you make this craft with your grandchildren talk with them about what their names mean and how God knows their names and loves them so very much!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

grandma's movie reviews - Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

This movie released last year, but it is well worth adding to your collection of movies! Pop up a big bowl of popcorn and watch this movie with your grandchildren!

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time 
Rating - PG-13 - for intense sequences
of violence and action
  • Favorite Features -
    • available on Blu-ray 3-disc combo pack
    • fast-moving story is sure to be a family favorite
    • strong messages about doing what you know is right even if others around you are not and to not give up
An excellent movie for families to watch together and then talk about the messages they saw. Grandmas with middle to upper elementary grandchildren and older are sure to enjoy the fast pace and action as well as the unexpected twists and turns and how the special effects add excitement to the overall story line. Interesting characters throughout carry the theme of doing what is right no matter what and add depth to this action-adventure movie! I really appreciate the emphasis on family and doing the right thing - even if you stand alone to do so - it is the message in this movie which gets it my "seal" of approval. Be sure to use the opportunity this movie provides to talk with your grandchildren about choosing to do what they know is right, even if they have to do so on their own. Talk with them also about not giving up when faced with difficult situations and remind them they can always ask God to help them and since He is always with them, they are never really alone!

Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm Giving Away The Story for Children . . . grandma's pick!

The Story for Children, a Storybook Bible (Story, The)I'm happy to announce I'm giving away the Story for Children in a drawing on Friday, August 5, 2011! The Story for Children is part of the Story products from Zondervan and provide a unique opportunity for the entire family to spend time learning of and understanding God's story and where we "fit" in His Story! As Zondervan says, "The Story is helping people in churches everywhere experience Scripture like never before. Carefully selected verses from the Bible are organized chronologically. From Genesis to Revelation, your church members will come to understand God’s story and how their stories intersect with it."

The Story for Children
Author - Max Lucado with Randy Frazee and Karen Hill
Illustrator - Fausto Bianchi
Publisher - Zondervan
Ages: 4-8

As a grandma, this is the type of book I want my young grandchildren to read, and have read to them. I want them to see the Bible as a "photo album of words" which shows us how God worked in the real lives of real people - people just like us - and how He wants to work in their lives, too! The Story for Children is an excellent book to help you introduce your young grandchildren to God and His Word!

I Have A Winner In My Yoomi Game Give-Away!

Yoomi DuoI'm happy to announce Michael Chanley is the winner in my Yoomi Game for iPad give-away! Yoomi is a fun game for the entire family and is a great way to start interesting and important conversations! Thank You Michael for reading grandma's cookie jar and thank you Discovery Bay Games for sending a Yoomi for review and for making another available for give-away!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

crafting with grandma . . . I Have Another Square for Your Afghan - the Steps Square!

Here's another square for your afghan - the Steps Square. This square is also from the Sweet Baby Afghan Sampler found in the book, Blue Ribbon Afghans From America's State Fairs.

Directions -

  • ch 28 loosely
  • Row 1: dc in fourth ch from hook and in each ch across (25 sc)
  • Rows 2: ch 2 turn * work FPdc around next 4 dc rep from * 2 more times hdc in top of turning ch
  • Row 3: ch 2 turn 1 BPdc 4 FPdc * 4 BPdc 4 FPdc rep from * once more 3 BPdc hdc in turning ch
  • Row 4: ch 2 turn 2 FPdc 4 BPdc * 4 FPdc 4 BPdc rep between * once work 1 BPdc hdc in turning ch
  • Row 5: ch 2 turn 3 BPdc 4 FPdc * 4 BPdc 4 FPdc rep from * once work 1 BPdc hdc in turning ch
  • Row 6: ch 2 turn * 4 BPdc 4 FPdc rep 2 more times hdc in turning ch
  • Row 7: ch 2 turn 1 FPdc 4 BPdc * 4 FPdc 4 BPdc rep from * once more 3 FPdc hdc in turning ch
  • Row 8: ch 2 turn 2 BPdc 4 FPdc * 4 BPdc 4 FPdc rep from * once work 2 BPdc hdc in turning ch
  • Row 9: Ch 2 turn 3 FPdc 4 BPdc * 4 FPdc 4 BPdc rep from * once work FPdc hdc in turning ch
  • Rep rows 2-9 until work measures approx. 9 inches
As you work on this project with your grandchildren, share with them some stories from your childhood. Tell them about their great grandparents and great-great grandparents. This is a wonderful time to help them learn about their family's past. Share with them how the most important thing a family can do is to pass on a heritage of faith and tell them why your faith in God is so important to you.

crafting with grandma . . . Here's A Leaf Pattern for Your Afghan

Blue Ribbon Afghans from America's State Fairs: 40 Prize-Winning Crocheted DesignsIf you have been working on the afghan with your grandchildren, I have another square for you . . . the Leaf Square from the Sweet Baby Afghan Sampler in the book, Blue Ribbon Afghans from America's State Fairs.

Directions -

  • ch 31 loosely
  • Row 1: sc in second ch from hook and in each ch across - (30 sc)
  • Row 2 (right side): ch 1 trun sk first sc 2 sc in next sc * sk next sc 2 sc in next sc rep from * across
  • Repeat row 2 until work measures approximately 9"
If you are working on this with your grandchildren ask them how their summer is going. Ask them what they are looking forward to when school begins and what they are dreading. Pray with them and enjoy this opportunity to spend time with your grandchildren!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

grandma's cookbook - No-Bake Cookies!

Around my house there is a cookie which whenever I make them, never stays around for long . . . the no-bake cookie! Try my grandma's recipe with your grandchildren . . . it is sure to become a family favorite!

Ingredients -
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2/3 cup cocoa
  • 1 cup peanut-butter
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla
  • 3 1/2 cups sugar
  • 6 cups oatmeal
Directions -
  • bring to a boil milk, cocoa, sugar and butter and boil for one minute.
  • stir in peanut-butter and vanilla
  • add oats
  • drop onto wax paper
  • freeze until ready to eat
  • enjoy! :^)
As I mentioned above, store these cookies in the freezer - they are sooo enjoyable when they are frozen! The combination of freezing and not baking these cookies makes them a great option for a summer-time treat! As you make and enjoy these cookies with your grandchildren share with them stories about your childhood - tell them what your favorite cookies were and how you learned to make them! Share with them a "sweet" memory of how you came to know and walk with God and encourage them to do the same! Cooking with your grandchildren is the perfect opportunity to talk with them about things which really matter, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity . . . not only will you be able to share sweet treats with them, but you will be able to pass on a legacy of faith to them . . . and this is the sweetest "treat" of all! :^)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

grandma's bookshelf - Not Inside This House!

I'm very happy to share with you a new book with a story sure to delight your young grandchildren!

Not Inside This House!Not Inside This House!
Author - Kevin Lewis
Illustrator - David Ercolini
Publisher - Scholastic
Ages - 4-8

Livingstone Columbus Magellan Crouse is a boy who most certainly wants a pet! This whimsical story will delight your grandchildren - especially if they are children who particularly want a pet - as each pet grows in scope and size! Your grandchildren will be amazed at the lengths Livingstone Columbus Magellan Crouse goes to to find a pet, and you will understand his mother's growing frustration! While this mother could certainly benefit from some "Love and Logic" parenting classes, this story gives you an excellent opportunity to talk with your grandchildren about the best ways to present their requests to their parents as well as how to best respond if their parents do not think their request is a good option. Talk with them about how they can "make requests of God" and how He always answers - sometimes with "yes", sometimes with "no" and sometimes with "wait a while". Enjoy the illustrations - there are so many details to notice on each page!

I'm Giving a Book Away - grandma's bookshelf - Charlie the Ranch Dog!

I'm very happy to share a new book with you . . . this is a delightful story, perfect for sharing with a grandchild!

Charlie the Ranch DogCharlie the Ranch Dog
Author - Ree Drummond
Illustrator - Diane deGroat
Publisher - HarperCollins
Ages - 4-8

Charlie is a basset hound . . . this is enough reason for me to love this story . . . and a ranch dog! Charlie has large paws, droopy eyes, floppy skin and "big dangly ears"! He is "hard working" . . . or at least thinks he is. This story shows a "typical" day for Charlie . . . and what he does when the cows try to eat Mama's garden. Children are sure to cheer for Charlie . . . this is a book which is bound to be well-read! For anyone who has, or has had, a basset hound, this book will bring a smile to your face!

As you read this book to and with your grandchildren talk with them about Charlie and Suzie and how they help on the ranch. Ask your grandchildren what they do to help around their home. Lead them in thanking God for creating dogs and for making them so they can be helpful!

I'm happy to say HarperCollins sent me Charlie the Ranch Dog for review and an extra copy for me to give away! If you have "liked" grandma's cookie jar using the tab in the "find us on facebook" box ON THE BLOG, then you are entered in my drawing - which will be on August 2nd! If you have not "liked" this blog yet, please take a moment to do so and you will be entered in my drawing. It is this simple! Please share this blog with the people you know so they can join in the fun and be in my give-away's, too!

Josiah and Caleb!

So . . . Caleb is home from the hospital - he and mommy are doing great! My son, daughter-in-law and Caleb came over last night to get Josiah - he had been spending a couple days with us while mommy had Caleb. I wondered, how would Josiah feel about Caleb? Josiah is almost three and has certainly been the "center of attention". How would he really feel about this little "potential interloper"?

When daddy and mommy arrived with Caleb, Josiah went right over to his little baby brother and wanted to hold him! Mommy helped Josiah hold Caleb. Then daddy helped Josiah hold Caleb. He wasn't finished holding his little brother, so when I had a turn to hold the little sugar, Josiah wanted to "help" me hold him! He was so gentle with Caleb! He gave his little brother a gentle kiss and talked softly to him! Then when mommy was going to feed Caleb, Josiah wanted to hold him . . . when he learned mommy had to hold Caleb while he was eating, Josiah sat next to mommy and sang to his little brother; "Jesus loves the little ones like you, you, you, you, you, you!"

When it was time to go home, Josiah wanted to put Caleb in his car seat - we distracted him by asking for a hug good-bye :^) - but he then wanted to be the one who carried Caleb's car seat to the jeep! He agreed it would be okay for daddy to help him carry Caleb to their jeep!

I'm so happy to see the love Josiah has for his baby brother and look forward to seeing how Josiah learns to show his love for his brother as they grow older!

Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Spend Time With Your Grandchildren!

My dear little Caleb was born yesterday . . . July 24th weighing 8lbs 10oz and measuring 20 inches! He is so sweet and cute and such an amazing gift from the hand of God! Today, while mommy is in the hospital and daddy is helping mommy, Josiah is staying with me! 

The Grandmother's BibleI so appreciate the devotion from the Grandmother's Bible for today! It was written by Bobbie Wolgemuth and is entitled, I Will . .  I Will . . .  She says, "Psalm 9 contains a great 'I Will' activity list to remember when you spend time with your grandchild. First, start with an attitude of praise. Tell the Lord what you are thankful for. Count your blessings, name them. It will be easy to have a heart full of thankfulness after you've named even a few. Your heart will be full and running over with the kind of attitude that pleases God and spills over on the young ones with the love of the Savior. Second, tell the kids what God has done in the past. One of our greatest resources as grandmothers is the history we have lived. Everyday miracles fill our memory banks.  Pull a few past marvels out of your memory treasure chest and tell your grandchild of the Lord's wonders. Third, be a happy grandmother. Open the door with a smile and a hug. Let your face show the gladness of the Lord. Your inside joy should envelop your grandchildren with every encounter, no matter where you are. The fourth 'I will" is my favorite: sing. Sing with your grandchildren. Leave a song in their hearts."

So, today, or tomorrow, or the next time you are with your grandchildren, remember these four things and help pass on a heritage of faith by the things you say and do!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hooray! Caleb is Finally Making His Appearance!!!! :^)

My grandson Josiah spent the night last night and this morning his daddy called to say he and Josiah's mommy were on the way to the hospital . . . Caleb is finally making his appearance!!! This will make grandson number two!

This morning when Josiah - he is almost three years old - prayed for his breakfast - scrambled eggs, pancakes and ham . . . his favorite - he prayed, "Dear God, thank You Caleb is coming out now! Thank You for daddy, mommy, poppa, grandma and Aunt Tiffy! Thank You for my day. Amen!" We talked about how he is now the big brother and he will get to teach Caleb so many things - like how to play with cars and blocks and most importantly how to know and love and talk with God! 

We all have the responsibility and privilege of pointing this new little one to God! There is nothing more important for us to do! 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm Giving Away a Grandmother's Bible - Fill Your Heart, Your thoughts and Your Home With Praise!

The Grandmother's BibleI, as I've said many, many times, love the Grandmother's Bible! The daily devotions, the "Grandchild in Focus" prayers . . . everything in this Bible is designed to "nourish grandmothers as they nurture their grandchildren"! It is a "must-have" for all grandmothers! Neta Jackson is one of the devotional writers, and she wrote about praising God. She said,  "The more I meditate on this Scripture, (Psalm 8) the more it makes sense. Satan's work thrives in an atmosphere of doubt, worry, distraction, busyness and discouragement. But praise? Praise to the living God is not Satan's working condition. If I want to build a stronghold of protection against that old devil, I need to fill my heart, my thoughts and my home with praise!"

So what are you doing today to fill your heart, your thoughts and your home with praise? When your grandchildren are near you, do they see and hear you praising God for the many blessings, big and small in your everyday life? Do you help them lift their hearts in praise to God for the big and small parts of their everyday lives? Make a point of praising God throughout your day and make it a goal to help your grandchildren learn to do the same!

Don't forget, I'm giving away a Grandmother's Bible on July 31st! if you have "liked" grandma's cookie jar using the tab in the "find us on facebook" box ON THE BLOG, then you are entered in my drawing! If you have not liked this blog yet, please take a moment to do so and you will be entered in my drawing! It is this simple! Please share grandma's cookie jar with your friends and family so they can be in my drawings, too!

Friday, July 22, 2011

I Have A Winner In My John Ball Zoo Day-Pass Give-Away!

I'm happy to say Mary Tramper Gabrick is the winner of four day-passes to the John Ball Zoo! Thank you Mary for reading grandma's cookie jar and thank you John Ball Zoo for giving me the passes for review and for give-away on my blog! Remember, visiting the zoo with your grandchildren is a wonderful way to spend a summer day and an incredible way to make memories and talk about God's amazing creation!

New Give-Away!! grandma's pick . . . Yoomi Game for iPad from Discovery Bay Games!

Yoomi DuoI'm happy to announce a special grandma's pick give-away . . . the Yoomi Game for iPad from Discovery Bay Games! Yoomi is a unique and fun game which gives you a great way to start conversations and learn about the people you are playing with! As they say, "Yoomi™ is a surprise-filled game about choices which you play on your iPad using Duo™ – the first integrated toy product for the iPad in the world. You must have Duo to play Yoomi on your iPad.

Each player takes a turn secretly selecting which of two options they like better. For example, would you prefer big bugs or small dogs? Fly to the moon or dive to the bottom of the ocean? Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot?
Yoomi choices are identified by written description, illustrations, and color, so non-readers can play too!
Players take turns guessing what others would choose. Duo reveals their choice on your iPad and “magically” banks the winning tokens."
I love how Yoomi is a great game the entire family can play - since there is no reading required your young preschool grandchildren are able to play right along with your teenage grandchildren! Use the answers in this game to start important conversations about your grandchildren. As you find out the choices your grandchildren would make, celebrate with them how God created each of them to be a unique and wonderful person with their own likes, dislikes and interests! Pray and thank God for each of your grandchildren and the unique and wonderful person they each are!
Yoomi is a game for two to six players. With Christmas only five months away, Yoomi is a great game to give as a family gift as the entire family will be able to play together! 
As I mentioned above, I'm giving away one Yoomi Game for iPad! if you have "liked" grandma's cookie jar using the tab in the "find us on facebook" box ON THE BLOG, then you are entered in my drawing! If you have not "liked" this blog yet, please take a moment to do so and you will be entered in the drawing which will be on July 29th! It is this simple! Please tell your friends and family about grandma's cookie jar so they will be able to get in on all my fun give-aways, too! Thank you Discovery Bay Games for sending Yoomi for my review and for making another available for give-away! 

I Have A Winner In My Robert Pierre "I'm All In" CD Give-Away!

I'm All inI'm happy to announce Ashley Eleanor Osborn is the winner in my Robert Pierre, "I'm All In" CD give-away! Thank you Ashley for reading grandma's cookie jar and thank you Robert Pierre for sending me a CD for review and for making another available for give-away! Robert's CD releases in four days - on July 26th - and it is a great one for your grandchildren to listen to! Not only is the music great, but the words are solid . . . giving your grandchildren the messages you want them to hear as it encourages them to trust God and make good decisions!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

crafting with grandma . . . Terra Cotta Luminaries!

If your grandchildren are a bit older - elementary and high school age - I have a fun project you could do with them . . . one which they could use as gifts for parents, school teachers, Sunday school teachers or even something they could use as a thank-you/hostess gift for a friend's mom when they are invited over for dinner or some special event. Terra Cotta Luminaries are pretty straight-forward to make, but give your grandchildren an opportunity to express their own creativity - they could design it to match a season, holiday or just decorate it however they like!

Supplies -

Directions -

  • allow your grandchildren to draw their design on their pot - one side, simple design is best
  • soak your pot in water for about 20 minutes to reduce dust
  • remove from water and allow to sit for about 15 minutes
  • follow the steps in the video :^)
  • enjoy your project or give it as a gift!
As you work on this project with your grandchildren talk with them about their design, why they selected it, if it has any special meaning. Lead them in praying for the person they are giving their project to and talk with them about how gifts they made are very special things to give to others. Lead them in thanking God for His amazing gift of grace and forgiveness He gave us! Enjoy this time with your grandchildren . . . they will likely remember it all their lives!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

grandma's cookbook - Refreshing, Blueberry, Green Tea!

It is hot where I live today . . . very, very hot. And humid. It is the perfect day for iced tea! Try this recipe with your grandchildren . . . it is simple, quick and so delicious! A big added "plus" is the health benefit . . . blueberries and green tea are so good for you! My husband never liked tea, until I made blueberry tea for him! Now he drinks my tea instead of pop! My two year old grandson loves this tea, too . . . and the only sweetening comes naturally from blueberries . . . not sugar!

Recipe -
West Bend 68303 2-3/4-Quart Iced-Tea MakerMr. Coffee TM75 3 Quart Iced Tea Maker
  • 1/2 cup blueberries - I use frozen blueberries as they are easy to come by all year long!
  • seven green tea bags 
Using  your iced tea maker - I like Mr. Coffee's Iced Tea Machine and West Bend's Back to Basics Iced Tea Machine put your blueberries and tea in the basket, add water to the reservoir and ice in the tea pot . . . allow it to brew and enjoy!

As you enjoy the tea with your grandchildren ask them what they are enjoying about their summer. Lead them in thanking God for creating them so they are able to enjoy so many things!