Sunday, September 30, 2012

We Have a Winner . . .

I'm happy to announce Nicole and her popcorn garland is the winner in the first grandma's cookie jar Christmas Ornament contest! Thank you everyone who voted and thank you to each of the ladies for sharing your ornaments with us! (Nicole, please message me your address so I can get your prize package sent to you -

VeggieTales the League of Incredible Vegetables Give-Away is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, October 1, 2012, is the day I'll be drawing the name of one winner from each of my blogs, (grandma's cookie jar and About the Children's Department) and this winner will receive one DVD of the new VeggieTales movie, the League of Incredible Vegetables . . . my grandson Josiah's FAVORITE movie! You will find my review of this movie at the following link, but today I want to share VeggieTale's Parent's Discussion Guide for this movie!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

crafting with grandma - Button Christmas Tree Ornament and Paper Clip Angel!

Button Christmas Tree!Since today is the last day to vote in grandma's cookie jar's first Christmas ornament contest, I thought it would be fun to share a couple more patterns for a ornaments I found on Pinterest . . . a very cute, and clever button Christmas tree and a fun paperclip angel!

paperclip angel ornamentI think the button Christmas tree ornament is so cute (but can't recommend the site with the directions) It is, however; a very simple pattern. Just check your button box, good-will's button area or a craft store for buttons. Grab your buttons - four brown for the trunk, however many you want for the tree of various sizes, one star- and twine. You'll need about 9" of twine - depending on the size of your "tree" - begin with stringing the trunk, add the buttons for the tree - biggest to smallest - and top it off with the star. Use the additional twine at the top to make a hanger - have fun making this ornament with your grandchildren! They can help sort buttons and string buttons . . . this is a great ornament for them to make for their teachers!

Today is the Last Day to Vote!

Yes, today is the last day to vote in grandma's cookie jar's first Christmas Ornament/Decoration Contest! If you have not voted yet, please take a moment to do so! I'll give you a brief "recap" of each entry . . . 

Friday, September 28, 2012

k'nex Doubleshot Coaster . . . I'm Giving One Away!

As you may have noticed, I have some really wonderful give-aways planned for my month of special Christmas give-aways . . . and yes, November is just a touch over a month away! So, today I'm reminding you of one of my big November give-aways . . . k'nex Doubleshot Coaster! This is a roller-coaster boys . . . and their dads . . . and girls, too, will love to build!

I Have a Winner . . .

I'm happy to announce Tracy Stevens Taylor is the winner in my Mission Museum Cardboard Game: The Case of the Missing Mummy game give-away! (You'll find the review at this link) Thank you Tracy for reading grandma's cookie jar (please message me your address by October 5, 2012 so I can have it sent to you) and thank you Discovery Bay Games for sending one for me to to review and another for me to give away!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Did You Know? I'm Giving Away a Cuisinart Coffee-On-Demand!

Yes, on December 1, 2012 I'm giving away one Cuisinart Coffee-on-Demand 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker . . . and I have to say, whoever wins this coffeemaker is sure to love it! I really enjoy my morning coffee, but since I have MS and Lupus I do not like to use a traditional coffeemaker . . . I don't want to drop a hot pot of coffee. With the Cuisinart Coffee-on-Demand coffeemaker, I do not have to even think about carrying a hot pot of coffee as this machine dispenses up to 12 cups of coffee one cup at a time! I love the Cuisinart Coffee-on-Demand!

I Have a Winner . . .

I'm happy to announce Sarah Yurga is the winner of my crocheted purse give-away! (You'll find the review at this link) Thank you Sarah for reading grandma's cookie jar (please message me your address so I can send it to you!)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

grandma's cookbook - Pumpkin, Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread

thanksgiving morning: pull-apart cinnamon sugar pumpkin breadIt is Fall, so I'm very happy today to share a recipe with you which I found on Pinterest . . . Pumpkin, Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread! Doesn't this sound like the perfect bread for a Fall breakfast, brunch or special dinner?!!!! I can't wait to try this with my family . . . not only will it taste delicious, but I know it will make my house smell like fall - all pumkiny and wonderful!!!!

Don't Forget . . . I'm Giving One Grandma Bell Charm Away!

Almost a month ago I announced one of my special Christmas give-aways . . . one which is specifically for grandma . . . the Grandma Bell necklace charm from Jewelry John. I said, "One of my favorite things is my Grandmother Bell NecklaceI wear my grandma bell nearly every day! I love how it is unique, tiny and so very pretty! This little silver bell is designed and etched to reflect grandmothers - it has a pie on the top, names for grandma all around it and a "wooden" spoon for the clapper - it has such a sweet "ring"! This bell makes a wonderful gift for the grandma in your life . . . and for yourself! Plus you can get bell necklaces for mother, daughter, grand-daughter, friend and host of other beautiful bells, but I really love the grandmother bell!"

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Little Tikes Big Adventures Action Fliers - I'm Giving One Away!

Little Tikes® Big Adventures™ Action Fliers™
Have I by any chance mentioned I have a LOT of wonderful give-aways planned for my November of Special Christmas Give-aways? :^) Well . . . I do!!!! You all know about the American Girl Doll give-away, but if you have grandsons/sons, this give-away is not likely one which you are terribly interested in. So, I'm so very happy for the opportunity to let you know about another give-away . . . this one is from Little Tikes and if you have a preschooler on your Christmas gift list . . . particularly a preschool boy . . . well this one is sure to put a great big smile on his face!!!! MGA/Little Tikes sent me a Little Tikes Big Adventures Action Fliers set and this is a toy which is sure to get a lot of "play time"!

Caroline Abbott - the New American Girl Doll - I'm Giving One Away!

Yes, just in case you missed it - or forgot :-) - on November 30, 2012 I'm giving away one of the new  American Girl Dolls, Caroline Abbott! This doll is truly lovely! Caroline has long, blond curls, light-blue eyes and is dressed in a pretty pink dress with tucks and ribbon . . . American Girl has absolutely paid attention to the details and design of Caroline and not only will she certainly be a loved "friend" to whatever girl receives her, but she is a doll of "heirloom quality" and after she is tucked away, she will one day most surely delight a daughter or granddaughter in the years to come!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Wall Coasters . . . I'm Giving One Away!

If you are looking for a toy which is not only incredible fun, but one which is an educational toy children will play with for literally hours at a time, then definitely take a good look at Wall Coasters! 

My Best "Grandma" Advice

Yesterday I had the joy of celebrating my grandson, Josiah's 4th birthday! He got to pick the menu . . . chicken nuggets, fish sticks and fries . . . his momma brought the cake . . . white cake with cream cheese frosting and lots of sprinkles . . . and of course, he got to open gifts! It was sooo much fun!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Voting is Open . . . Please Vote!

Yes, voting is open in grandma's cookie jar's first Christmas Ornament Contest! If you look to the right you'll see a poll - just click on the button next to the ornament you like the best! You can vote once between now and Saturday, September 30, 2012 and then on Sunday, October 1, 2012 I'll announce the winner!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ornament Contest Prize Package!

I've been posting all week about the five ornaments which have been entered in my Ornament Contest. Starting tomorrow and running through September 30, 2012 you will be able to vote for the ornament you like the best! After all the votes have been placed a winner will be announced . . . and since it is a grandma's cookie jar contest, of course there is a prize package for the winner!

Operation Christmas Child - Involve Your Grandchildren and Family!

Operation Christmas ChildDo you remember Christmas when you were a child? I do! I LOVED Christmas! I loved everything about Christmas . . . although, admittedly, as a child I loved the "fluff" of Christmas more than what Christmas was really all about. I loved putting up the Christmas tree - I remember one year my parents took us out, in the snow, to find and cut our own tree - since I wasn't a huge fan of snow . . . and we lived in Michigan so there was lots of it . . . while it was fun to go pick a tree and cut it down, it was too cold for me! I loved the Spritz cookies my mom made each year and how we got to help decorate them . . . and of course eat them! I loved watching the Christmas specials on TV - particularly Rudolph and the Little Drummer Boy. I loved spending Christmas at our cottage and I especially loved opening presents on Christmas morning . . . we had to wait for our parents to get up to see our gifts and I always wondered if they would EVER wake up!!!! How could they possibly stay in bed so long on Christmas morning???? 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Ornament Contest - Snowmen Ornaments - Lori Layne

I'm happy to share directions for another ornament in our ornament contest! Today's ornament - from Lori Layne - is a pattern for Snowmen Ornaments!

Lori said, "I made this ornament last Christmas. It is a simple knit and fun to send in the mail to those you love!" Lori sent me the link for a free Ravelry pattern;  free Ravelry download A fluffy snowman card, knitted in garter stitch using a textured double knitting and oddments of 4 ply. If you would like to knit a gathering of snowmen ornaments, check this link!

Folkmanis Rooster Puppet . . . I'm Giving One Away!

One of the "classic" "symbols" of "farm life" is a rooster . . . at least for me, being a "non-farm girl", it seems like a rooster is a "staple" of farms . . . strutting around and crowing when the sun rises! So, when Folkmanis sent me one of their new Rooster Puppets to review, I thought it would be fun to also give it away!

This rooster reminds me of the things I love about Folkmanis puppets . . . the design is outstanding - the fake fur really looks like feathers - even when you touch it, you have to take a "double-look" to see it doesn't really have feathers on it! Clearly Folkmanis gave attention to the design and details on this "feathered" friend! I found the "facts of interest"  on the tag attached to this rooster, interesting - for example; did you know roosters have larger combs and longer tails than females?

I Have Two Winners . . .

Patchwork Rabbit Hand Puppet  |  FolkmanisI'm happy to announce Kathy Persons is the winner of the Berenstains Bear, God Bless the Animals book and Carmen VanDeursen is the winner of the Folkmanis Patchwork Rabbit Puppet! (You'll find the reviews at this link and this link) Thank you Kathy and Carmen for reading grandma's cookie jar (please message me your addresses by September 28, 2012 so I can have them sent to you) and thank you Zonderkidz and Folkmanis for sending them for review and give-away!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

crafting with grandma - Crocheted Purse - I'm Giving One Away!

Last month I shared a pattern I found on Pinterest for a crocheted purse . . . I made a few "tweeks" . . . I made it with two pouches instead of three, added a small pocket inside for ID and crocheted a handle. I really love this pattern as it is quick and easy to make and you can use most any yarn you want - whatever colors you want for a look all your own.

Ornament Contest - Christmas Cookie Ornament - Sylvia Perkins

I'm happy to share directions for another ornament in our ornament contest! Today's ornament - from Sylvia Perkins - Christmas Cookie Ornament!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

grandma's cookbook - Spritz Cookies

I LOVE Spritz cookies! I love the buttery flavor and the crisp, yet soft texture and the fun shapes you can make with a cookie press. I love the memories I have of making Spritz cookie with my mom and of course I love the taste of these classic Holiday cookies! I mean, what would Christmas be without Spritz cookies???? Well, of course Christmas is so much more than Spritz cookies, but they are one of my favorite parts of the Holiday season!

Mission Museum: the Case of the Missing Mummy game - I'm Giving One Away!

This game from Discovery Bay Games combines history, artifacts and a mystery for a game which engages everyone in learning while they are having fun. Mission Museum: the Case of the Missing Mummy is a game the entire family will enjoy as they work together to, "bring the mummy back to his case"!

Ornament Contest - Popcorn Garland - Nicole

I'm happy to share directions for another ornament in our ornament contest! Today's ornament - from Nicole - is a classic . . . popcorn garland!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

grandma's bookshelf - Big Bubbles!

I am very happy for the opportunity to let you know about a book and activity kit I recently reviewed . . . How to Make Monstrous, Huge, Unbelievable BIG Bubbles from Klutz! 

Ornament Contest - Crystal Ornaments - Alicia Cortes

I'm happy to share directions for another ornament in our ornament contest! Today's ornament - Crystal Ornament - was sent to me from Alicia Cortes and combines a craft and a science project into one fun activity!

Alicia said, "My kids and I made these ornaments last year...they are an art project and a science lesson all in one.

Monday, September 17, 2012

grandma's Christmas give-away . . . Cuisinart Coffee on Demand!

Many, if not most, of the items in my special month of Christmas give-aways are certainly for children . . . toys, games, dolls, plush toys, puzzles, books, etc. But, there are a couple things which are for grandma - or grandpa, mom or dad! One of these things is the Cuisinart Coffee-on-Demand 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker!

Ornament Contest - Santa's Naughty List by Sarah Yurga

This week I'll be sharing each of the ornament directions which have been shared for my ornament contest! On Friday I'll let you know what is in the prize package and then on Sunday - September 23, 2012, voting begins! The first ornament idea was sent to me by Sarah Yurga . . . Santa's Naughty List.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

More "Pending" Give-Aways . . . Just a Reminder!

Yesterday I posted about four "pending" give-aways, so today I want to remind you of four more! On November 1, 2012 I'm giving away one Grandma Bell Necklace (check thislink for the details) and on November 7, 2012 I'm giving away one  Mini Lalaloopsy Silly Fun House Park (you'll find the details at this link)

Ornament Contest . . . Voting Begins on September 23, 2012!

snowman handprint ornament LOVE this! :^)I'm very happy to say I have five entries in my ornament contest! Thank you Sarah Yurga, Alicia Cortes, Nicole, Lori Layne and Sylvia Perkins for sharing your ornaments/decorations! I'll be posting their directions next week and then September 23rd - 30th you all will be able to vote for the ornament/decorations you like the best!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Reminder of Upcoming Give-Aways . . .

I've been announcing quite a few give-aways recently . . . and, "hold on to your hats" because I have a lot more give-aways coming up! But I thought I'd take a few minutes today and tomorrow to remind you of the "pending" give-aways!

Patchwork Rabbit Hand Puppet  |  Folkmanis
On September 21, 2012 I'm giving away The Berenstain Bears: God Bless the Animals (check this link for details) . . . I'm giving away another Berenstain Bears book on my other blog on September 21, 2012, too! This is also the date for the give-away for a Folkmanis Patchwork Rabbit Puppet (see the details at this link.)

Today is the Last Day to Enter Your Ornament in the Contest!

Dip baby's foot in glue and then press foot onto the ornament. Then glitter the ornament. Can also use a bigger child's hand!Yes, today is the last day to enter your ornament in my ornament contest! What ornaments do you like to make for Christmas? Do you have a recipe for a dough ornament? Do you have a pattern for a knitted or crocheted ornament? Do you take acrylic or glass ornaments and add paint, or glitter, or ??? and end up with something really special? Do you make ornaments with photos? Do you use spools or blocks of wood to make ornaments? Have you made an ornament from a bell? What ornament have you made which you are willing to share in my ornament contest? Please take a moment to email the directions to me - a photo would be great -

Friday, September 14, 2012

Enter Your Ornament in My Ornament Contest!

Clear ornament, artificial snow, and paint pens.  Cute and easy!Hooray! One person - so far - has emailed me their ornament pattern for my ornament contest! Thank you Sarah Yurga!!! There is still time for you to email me a pattern for an ornament you make! (

I thought I'd share another ornament pattern with you which I found on Pinterest. This cute and fun snowman is sooo easy to make . . . all you need are clear, acrylic ornaments, fake snow - or even white "icicles" and a paint pen. Fill your ornament with the fake snow/icicles then draw on the face features and "voila" you have a fun ornament to hang on your tree or give as gifts! This is such a simple ornament you could involve your grandchildren in making snowmen and then they could give them to their teachers, neighbors or friends to spread some Holiday cheer!

The Berenstain Bears - God Bless the Animals - I'm Giving One Away!

If the children in your life are anything like my grandsons, they love the Berenstain Bears, they love animals and they love "lift-the-flap" books: so if you combine the three you are certain to have a book they will love! This new Berenstain Bears book does this - and tops it all off with the message, "God created all our animal friends!"

I Have a Winner . . .

I'm happy to announce Mary Beth Dawson is the winner of the be still DVD (You'll find the review at this link) Thank you Mary Beth for reading my blogs (please message me your address so I can have it sent to you) and thank you Flannel for making it available for me to give away!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ornament Craft . . . What Ornament do You Like to Make?

Cute idea for a nativity ornament. #Christmas #ornamentsThere are only two more days to enter my Christmas ornament contest by sending me your Christmas ornament pattern! If you have a Christmas ornament you like to make, please email the pattern to me at and then I'll post the patterns so everyone can vote for the ornament they'd most like to make! I'll of course put together a prize package for the winner! If you have an ornament you like to make, please email the pattern to me!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

grandma's cookbook - Caramel Apple Bites!

Caramel Apple Bites.  I love this so much more than whole caramel apples... So much cleaner!Fall is upon us! In this area of Michigan, Fall = Apples! I enjoy caramel apples, but do not like biting into them, so when  I saw this recipe for caramel apple bites on Pinterest, well, I had to share it  with you . . . and I will be making it with my grandsons, soon!

Caroline Abbott . . . the New American Girl Doll - I'm Giving One Away!

I'm delighted for the opportunity to share the new  American Girl Doll, Caroline Abbott, with you . . . and to give one away during my November of special Christmas give-aways!

Caroline is absolutely lovely . . . she is 18" tall, with light aquamarine eyes which open and close, waist-length golden-blond hair which can be braided and styled, and she arrives in an empire-waist dress authentic to her era. Caroline is soft and huggable and sure to be a friend any girl who receives her will cherish . . . and since she is an heirloom-quality doll, she is sure to be loved by future generations as well!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Book Review - Manners that Matter for Moms - I'm Giving One Away!

Yes, Manners That Matter for Moms: The Essential Book of Life Skills for Your Kids is a book about manners so moms will know how to help their children know everything they need to, as Maralee McKee the author says, "equip their kids to flourish in their relationships." But, just because it is written by a mom for moms, don't think there isn't a wealth of much needed information for dads, grandparents and teachers, to use with our children and grandchildren . . . and with ourselves, because there is! Manners is not about a list of do's and don'ts which you only need in the most formal of situations. It is not just about knowing when to say please, thank you and excuse me. Maralee says manners are about, "developing the interpersonal skills which will help them become the best versions of themselves they can be in any setting." We all need to know how to do this, for sure!

Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm Giving Away - Caroline . . . the New American Girl Doll!

Yes, Fed Ex just delivered to my house a sweet and adorable little girl by the name of Caroline . . . the new American Girl Doll! I will be giving her away on November 30, 2012 in my month of special Christmas give-aways! I'll be writing about her more in the weeks and months to come, but I thought you'd like to know I'll be giving away one American Girl Doll, Caroline(USA only)! If you would like to be included in this give-away - which will be on November 30, 2012 - please comment below to let me know if you have followed on Google Friend Connect, followed by liking on facebook with the tab in the "Find us on Facebook" box ON THE BLOG (not just liking the post) and/or have followed grandma's cookie jar by email. For each of these which you have done you will receive one entry. In addition, if you "share" this post, you'll receive an additional entry (please let me know if you share). This will help me be able to draw names from among people who would like to win this doll and it gives you several ways to enter the give-away! Thank you for reading grandma's cookie jar and for sharing it with the people you know!  (You'll be able to receive additional entries each time I post about her!)