Thursday, April 30, 2015

Birthday Month Give-Away - American Girl Doll!

In just a little over three weeks I'm giving away one 2015 Girl of the Year doll from American Girl Dolls! This doll is only available for 2015 and is a very lovely doll . . . as we would expect from American Girl. Whoever wins this doll can be sure the girl they give her to is sure to be thrilled, not only with the doll, but they will enjoy the story which comes with Grace (the name of the doll) as they learn she loves to bake! 

You have time to get in on the opportunity to win this doll - if you are over the age of 18 and live in the USA you are welcome to enter this give-away which will be on May 24, 2015! You can enter the drawing a number of ways . . . for each time I post about this doll/give-away, you may get up to ten entries. Today, you will receive one entry if you comment below and tell me who you will give the doll to if you win.

The Most Important Thing I Can Do as a Grandma

Image result for clip art for the most important thingFor the past month I've been busy posting reviews of a variety of things which I'm also giving away during grandma's cookie jar's month of special birthday give-aways (May). Starting tomorrow someone will win something at least every other day. (If you have not entered the give-aways yet, you still have time to do so! Just follow the links on the left side of grandma's cookie jar.)

However; while I'm looking forward to the fun of my birthday month of give-aways because it is a fun thing for grandma's cookie jar to do with all of you who take the time to read this blog, the reason I write grandma's cookie jar is to share ideas about passing on a heritage of faith to our grandchildren. 

The world we live in; the one our grandchildren are growing up in, is a confusing and difficult place. When I was a child - quite a number of years ago - nearly all the moms on my street were "stay-at-home-moms". Nearly all the families on my street went to church on Sunday morning. Nearly all the families on my street were two-parent families; I only knew one family where the parents were divorced. Yes, I pretty much grew up in a "Norman Rockwell" picture of a small town with tree-lined streets. (And, the streets actually were tree-lined in my small town!)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ABC Universe - the First Birthday Month Give-away is in Two Days on May 1, 2015!

Yes, in two days we will begin our month of special birthday giveaways as we celebrate the fourth year of grandma's cookie jar! All through the month of May I will be giving things away - at least one every other day! The first give-away is for a really great board book - ABC Universe.

You'll find my full review and all the specifics for entering the drawing at this link - but the important thing is you still have time to enter this give-away! Who knows???!!! Maybe you will win!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

birthday month give-away - How Tiger Says Thank You!

For the past month I've been sharing reviews of products grandmas - and grandpas, moms and dads, might like - especially with Mother's Day and Children's Day coming up. I've also announced some fun give-aways for my, "Month of Birthday Give-Aways". Today I have one final review and give-away to share with you and then in three days, on Friday, May 1, 2015, the fun begins! First, my review . . . 

Yesterday I shared my review of How Penguin Says, "Please!"and announced a give-away as well. Today I'm happy to share with you another book in this series - How Tiger Says "Thank you!"

birthday month give-away - Glass Magnets from Shutterfly

Over the years I've had the wonderful opportunity to review items from Shutterfly. I am a huge fan of Shutterfly because not only do they give me the opportunity to "make" items for myself and gifts for others with photos of my family on them, but the quality is excellent for the finished items. And, on the rare occasion when something did not turn out, all I had to do was contact Shutterfly and they quickly corrected the problem and sent me another item - their customer service is excellent!

So, as I thought about the items I wanted to review - and give away - for my Birthday Month of special give-aways, I of course thought of Shutterfly! This year I am very happy to share with you three of their new items - and announce a give-away for one of them! First, my reviews . . . 

Monday, April 27, 2015

birthday month give-away - How Penguin Says, "Please!"

If you have been reading grandma's cookie jar for very long, you know I am often invited to review books - especially storybooks for children. I review - and give away - many wonderful children's books each year, but occasionally I receive a book which is just so cute, so fun and engages my grandsons right away; How Penguin Says, "Please!" is one such book and I am truly delighted to share it with you. 

birthday month give-away - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Monopoly

My grandsons, especially Josiah, enjoy playing Monopoly - especially when we use, "grandma rules"! With "grandma rules", the boys get an extra roll of the dice if they are going to land somewhere they would rather not land. Plus, when they play with grandma, they know it is extremely unlikely (as in something which will never happen) they will land on a property with hotels . . . at least if it is one of grandma's properties!

So, I as I was looking at the games on the USAopoly web site, I noticed a monopoly game I was sure my grandsons would enjoy - MONOPOLY: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles EditionAt this grandma's house, there are grandsons who enjoy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They also enjoy playing Monopoly, so combining the two meant happy boys! I asked USAopoly if it might be available for review and another for give-away and they said, "Yes!" First, my review and then the give-away info.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

birthday month give-away - Sleepy Puppy and Sleepy Kitten

I was recently invited to review a couple new books, which sounded like books I was sure my grandsons (especially little Shane) would enjoy . . . Sleepy Puppy and Sleepy Kitty. I'm very happy to say Sterling also said they would send additional books for me to give away, but first, my review!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

birthday month give-away - The Day Is Waiting!

I was recently invited to review a new book with illustrations from Don Freeman (the creator of Corduroy the Bear). It arrived last night and I have to say, I love this book! So, today I'm very happy to share my opinions of the book, The Day Is Waiting!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Keep The Most important in Focus

Image result for images for Jeremiah 29:11I have been truly blessed with three fantastic boys as my grandsons! I love everything about being their grandma and there are many things I do and with and want my grandsons to know, but among all these things, it is very important for me to keep my focus on the most important thing of all . . . passing on a heritage of faith to these three boys.

Yes, I absolutely want them to grow up knowing I love them, all the time. The other day, Josiah was about to leave and I called him and said I wanted to tell him something. I smiled, hugged him and said, "I love you!" He smiled and said, "I knew you were going to say that!" It is possible he has heard it a time or two before!

birthday month give-away - Jackpot Candle!

Several months ago I was invited to review and give-away a candle from Jackpot Candles; it sounded like something which would make a fun addition to my Birthday Month reviews/give-aways, so I said, "Yes!". As I researched Jackpot candles I discovered several wonderful things . . . 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The 2015 grandma's cookie jar Birthday Month Give-Aways Begin in a Week!

Yes, in a week on May 1, 2015 the Birthday Month Give-aways begin with a drawing for the new book, ABC Universe! My grandsons really like this book and I like how it is a great way for children to learn their ABC's and it has much to teach about space as well, even making it interesting for adults!

So far I've announced 14 give-aways and have six more to share with you. You still have time to enter all the give-aways, just click on the photos of each item which I've posted along the left side of grandma's cookie jar! Who knows??!!! Maybe you will win something!

birthday month give-away - The Diva Diaries - Catie Conrad: How to Become the Most UN Popular Girl in Middle School

Well, we are just one week away from the start of grandma's cookie jar's birthday month of special give-aways where I'm giving away something fun at least every other day for the month of May! It is safe to say, May will be a fun month!

Today I'm announcing another give-away . . . this time for the most recent addition to the Diva Diaries series of books for girls.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

crafting with grandma - Photo Flower Pots for Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is not far away, so if you are looking for a fun idea you could try, check this wonderful craft I found on Pinterest - of course! - it is the perfect craft for you to help your grandchildren make for their mothers for Mother's Day . . . a photo flower pot

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

crafting with grandma - DIY Wood Pictures!!!

Waxed Paper TransferBe prepared to be amazed . . . and very happy! I am!!! As I browsed on Pinterest this morning, I found something which has to be one of the best "pins" I've ever found! Step-by-step directions for making your own wood photos or pictures!!! And, get ready for more amazement and happiness . . . . all you need are wax paper (which you probably already have in your kitchen!), a printer (which you probably already have!) and photos or pictures (which you also have!!!) and wood - which you will need to get.

birthday month give-away - Cross Tech2 Pen/Stylus

I am not a "tech" person; I tend to find technology confusing. I am definitely, "tech challenged" and enjoy writing with pen and paper, but in this day and age, tech does tend to "rule the day". So, I have learned to use the computer - and do like my laptop quite a lot. I'm learning to use my tablet more - and like it too, but I still really like the feel of a pen in my hand, so when I use my tablet, I'm one of those people who use a stylus.

I have a number of stylus', but recently noticed Cross has several in their line of pens. Since I have loved Cross pens (especially fountain pens) over the years and found them to be of the highest quality, design and function, I asked them if they would send me one of their stylus pens to review and if another might be available for give-away. They said, "yes!" and a box arrived at my door a few days later!

So, today I'm happy to share with you my opinion of their Tech2 Pen/Stylus . . . and announce a give-away for another one as well! First, my review.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Warm Day = Water Play and Two Drenched Boys!

Josiah, Caleb and Shane usually are at my house for a sleep-over on Friday nights, but this past week, they were here Saturday night - which, means we had a lot of fun and a very busy two days! Saturday in West Michigan was an absolutely beautiful day . . . sunny and warm - in the 70's. This meant the boys had to play outside and of course water was involved!

Celebrate in Heaven with Lemonade!

Image result for clipart for lemonade and heavenIf you read grandma's cookie jar, you know I like to write - at least I like to write this blog! I also like to write a few other things . . . I'm working on a book; "Why it is Impossible to Spoil Grandchildren; and other Important Facts for Grandparents, and Parent's, too!, I write Unknown Bible Hero books for children, I have several fun monster stories for children I'm working on and I write curriculum (I've written for Big Idea, the Manners Mentor, SuperBook, Calvary Church and a new line - Deeper In 4 Children).

So, yesterday, when the boys were here, I had Josiah and Caleb try a Bible event from Deeper In 4 Children. Josiah read part of the Bible passage and then he and Caleb illustrated the Bible event (the lost sheep). It was fun to watch their imagination and creativity show up as they illustrated their Bible portions and the listen to them re-tell the Bible event which went with their illustrations! Even Caleb - three years old - was able to accurately re-tell his Bible portion!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

birthday month give-away - Bash and the Chocolate Milk Cows

I have recently been invited to review the newest "Bash" book . . . and since my grandsons are big "Bash fans", I of course, said, "Yes!". Along with reviewing this book, I get to give one away, so first, my review . . . 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

birthday month give-away - Polar Bear Cub Puppet!

Usually a couple times a year I have the opportunity to review puppets from Folkmanis. They make the most amazing and wonderful puppets . . . they are soft and plush - more like a beautiful stuffed toy, but they are actually puppets! 

This Spring they sent me several wonderful puppets which I'm happy to let you know about today . . . and announce a give-away for one as well!

Friday, April 17, 2015

birthday month give-away - 2015 American Girl Doll Girl of the Year!

It has been awhile since I've mentioned my 2015 American Girl Doll Girl of the Year give-away, so I thought I'd do so today! On May 24, 2015 I'm giving away one 2015 Girl of the Year doll - Grace is her name and she loves to bake. She is lovely - with all the attention to details and quality which we have come to expect from American Girl.

You have time to get in on the opportunity to win this doll - if you are over the age of 18 and live in the USA you are welcome to enter this give-away! You can do so in a number of ways . . . for each time I post about this doll/give-away, you can get up to ten entries. Today, you will receive one entry if you comment below and share about something you baked as a child/teen . . . I tried to make cream puffs once . . . but they backed up quite "hard", referred to by my family as "golden nuggets"! I know how to make them so they turn out correctly now, but my first experience did not go as planned!

DIY Outdoor Music Space!

20 Amazing Outdoor Music Stations. From wind chimes, to banging walls, to a cool music man this post has SO much inspiration.I don't know about your grandchildren, but my grandsons love to play outside - especially at my house! My house is in the country and so playing in my yard means the boys have room to move and make noise without "bothering" anyone! In my backyard is a group of pine trees - they make the perfect "hideout" because when the boys are back there, while they can easily see out, people who are not in there could easily miss seeing the boys! Plus, since my house was originally the family farmhouse, across the street is mostly family - my parents live across the street and on their land there is a woods and a creek. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

grandma's cookbook - Amazing Porkchops!

Image result for images for pork chopsMy husband has not been a "fan" of pork chops - he says they are too dry and tough, so they have not typically been something I fix. However; the other day I was at the store and saw some really nice looking, boneless pork chops and decided to see if I could fix them so they were tender and flavorful! I'm very happy today to say, I found a great recipe for pork chops which are now one of my - and my husband's - favorite recipes!

birthday month give-away - The Berenstain Bears God Bless Our Country

I recently received another Berenstain Bears book for review and since they have been favorites of children for decades, I am happy to share with you my opinion of The Berenstain Bears God Bless Our Country . . . and give one away as well!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

crafting with grandma - Homemade Maracas!

The other day when the boys were at the house we made maracas! It is so easy, and
especially this time of the year, a fun craft to make. All you need are plastic eggs, unpopped popcorn, plastic spoons and colored duct tape.

According to Caleb!

Today is Wednesday; otherwise known as my day with the sweet boys! Caleb and Shane are at my house (Josiah will be when school gets out), so this morning Caleb was telling me about the things he thinks are important for a grandma to do . . . I thought I'd share them with you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

May is My Month of Special Birthday Give-Aways

April is almost half over which means we are just a couple weeks away from the start of my 2015 Special Month of Birthday Give-Aways . . . all throughout the month of May! So far I've announced nine give-aways and have more to go! I do love the month of May!

birthday month give-away - Princess Faith Sticker and Activity Book

When I was young I loved sticker books . . . this was back in the day where we had to lick the stickers to get them to "stick" . . . not just "peel and stick" like they are today. But, whether they are "lick and stick" or "peel and stick", sticker books are still fun for children today. So, when I was invited to review a new sticker book from Zonderkidz, I was happy to do so.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Know, Respect & Honor

Image result for clipart for Deuteronomy 31:13I was working the other day on re-writing the Sunday school curriculum I wrote a few years ago and came across a verse which I'm sure I must have read before - more than once, but just truly "noticed" . . . .
Deuteronomy 31:13 - Their children must hear it read too. They don’t know this law yet. They too must learn to have respect for the Lord your God. They must honor him as long as you live in the land.
This verse is absolutely true - our children must hear about God because they do not know Him. They must learn to have respect for God and honor Him; for this to truly happen, they must see we respect and honor Him.

Friday night when the boys were here for a sleep-over, Josiah was having trouble going to sleep - he has quite an imagination. So, I prayed for him and asked God to fill his mind with peaceful, joyful thoughts so he could rest and go to sleep. Within minutes he was asleep and he slept all night! When he woke up he said he had slept really well and he had a joyful, happy spirit! We talked about how God answered our prayer and he was so excited to see how God did exactly this!