Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hats - Warm & Fun!

Okay . . . I live in Michigan, and so do my grandsons. In Michigan it gets cold . . . and this grandma is serious about wanting my three, sweet rascals to stay warm in the winter. So, each year I crochet hats for these boys, but the hats are not just typical hats. I think if they are going to have to wear a hat . . . which, in Michigan there are times when hats are just not optional . . . then they should at least have the option of wearing a "fun" hat.

My grandsons wear fun hats in the winter, and pretty much everywhere we go people notice. They do not just notice, they say things like; "Where did you get that hat?!!!", "I LOVE your hat!!!", and "I have never seen a hat like your hat!!!!" I have even been shopping with the boys in their hats and had people backtrack to walk down the aisle where we were to get a closer look at their hats! 

I will say, their hats tend to be unique and eye-catching, but the most important thing is their hats are warm! I use double yarn to make them extra cozy . . . my grandsons will have warm heads . . . and fun hats!

These are the hats I've made for them over the past few years . . . Three-eyed aliens with big noses and spots, Perry the Platypus (Agent Perry), Gimli (the boys dog - the hat with the blue heart on the back), Minions, Purple Minions, Green One-eyed monsters, and bumpy one-eyed monsters . . . no shortage of fun hats!

Do you make hats for your grandchildren?

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