Saturday, November 18, 2023

Pass on the Faith

The daily news may leave us feeling fearful or uncertain, at the least, and while we have few things we can truly depend upon in this world, we have God. He is faithful! He does what He says He will do!

Throughout our lives there have certainly been times when we have witnessed first-hand how God showed His great faithfulness to us - share these with your grandchildren! Help them see and remember evidence of God's faithfulness. Help them learn to watch for it in their own lives.

We know our security is not in this world - it is found in God alone . . . and we know throughout time - to a thousand generations, He does what He says He will do! His faithful love is for us and for our children's children!

Time, and the changes it brings with it, do not have to leave us afraid or uncertain. We can have confidence and trust God's faithfulness with complete certainty; and so can our grandchildren!


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