Thursday, May 2, 2019

May Photo Challenge

Today I posted to my own facebook page the following -  

Throughout the month of May I plan to share a photos from day to day of someone for whom I'm ever so thankful. Someone who fills my heart with joy! Someone whose presence in my life reminds me of God's great love for me.

Today I'm sharing photos of Dave! We met on a volcano in 1980 - seems so long ago, but like yesterday as well (although the difference between the photos of the younger us and the "now" us show it was not just yesterday! Dave is the most wonderful and amazing person I know - I'm so thankful to not only know him, but to be his wife! Clearly Dave fills me with joy, reminds me of how much God loves me and leaves me feeling completely thankful!

Why don't you accept this as a "challenge" and throughout the month of May, on your own fb page, share photos of the people for whom you are thankful; people who fill your heart with joy and remind you of God's great love for you.

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