Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Delicious Family Favorites - modern homestyle cooking

My grandmas and mom absolutely knew how to cook. They were always able to make fantastic meals - whether just for a few or the entire family . . . and happily taught my sister and I to do the same! Today I am very happy to share with you the news of the release of my sister's new cookbook - Delicious Family Favorites - modern homestyle cooking! If you, or someone you know, enjoys cooking . . . this book is for you! Or, if you have a daughter or granddaughter who is learning to cook . . . this book is for them! Check it out . . . 

Delicious Family Favorites - modern homestyle cooking

Author - Loretta Baughan

Favorite Features -

  • 157 "family-tested and approved" recipes
  • Full-color photos for each recipe
  • All bread recipes include both directions for bread machine method and "old-school method"
  • Recipes for "Blissful Brunch, Simply Salads, Breads & Sandwiches, Sensational Soups, Casseroles, Main Event, and Sweet Endings"  
  • All recipes tell how many servings you may expect
  • Nearly all recipes include a short "story" about the "history" of the recipe - very interesting and adds a wonderful touch to each recipe.
Loretta says; "Perched on a stool in grandma's kitchen or standing on a chair pulled up to the counter at home, my education in cooking began before I even knew how to read!

Authentic homestyle cooking is my life-long passion and I share it with updated family heirloom recipes as well as many of my own culinary creations. Brace yourself for smiles around the table when you serve Pink Eggs and Ham Patties with Cherry Pepper Salsa, Deviled Egg Salad on fresh baked Buttermilk Potato Bread, Yooper Pastie Pie, Chicken Artichoke Lasagna, and so much more! The eclectic variety of cuisine reflects my Michigan roots blended with regional influences from living in Georgia, Chicago, California, and the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin.

Delicious Family Favorites: modern homestyle cooking was four years in the making with 157 family-tested and approved recipes plus helpful tips, recommendations, and color photography. It will be a delicious addition to any kitchen.

Now accepting orders for autographed copies of Delicious Family Favorites: modern homestyle cooking at a special introductory price which includes free shipping within the USA and is payable with PayPal. For orders outside of the USA, request a shipping quote. For all inquiries, please contact Loretta."

These recipes remind me of home - I know there are many I will be fixing for my family. Crafted with fresh, wholesome ingredients, complete easy-to-follow directions, and helpful tips, these are the recipes which will soon remind you - and the generations to come - of home as well. As a treat for yourself or a gift for someone you love, you will not go wrong with Delicious Family Favorites - modern homestyle cooking! Get it at this link - you, and everyone for whom you cook - will be so glad you did!

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