Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Grandma "Ellies" Matter & So Do We

Over the past year my grandsons and I worked on a new book series for children and families to enjoy which will help them develop a confident faith as they learn about really interesting animals. (You will find the Life on the Goldilocks Planet series in the bookstore at this link.) In book two in my Life on the Goldilocks Planet series - this one is entitled, Eyelash Vipers, Pygmy Elephants, Pangolins & More! I wrote about Pygmy Elephants and yes, there are pygmy elephants in Asia and Africa!

grandma's cookbook - Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie

Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie:As I was browsing through Pinterest this morning I saw a recipe which looks interesting . . . fun to make . . . and which is likely to be very tasty! Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie!!!! Even the name sounds delicious!!!

Monday, August 30, 2021

Get Your Free Digital Copy of Generations Quest Cultivate the Faith

September 12th, is National Grandparents Day - and to celebrate I am making a book available for you to receive the Kindle copy for free. With our grandchildren heading back to school, they are likely to be busy and may not be spending as much time with us as they may have over the summer. So, the time we do spend with them needs to be especially purposeful. If you are looking for a resource to help you with this, take a look at Generations Quest - Cultivate the Faith! which you are able to get the kindle copy for free!

Love Your Baby's Baby - It Is Important

I love this quote from Debbie Guinn. We grandmas - and grandpas, too - have lived a few years and we have learned what is important in life; this helps us know how to love deeply. And, yes, one of the ways we show this deep love begins with loving our baby's baby. 

Sunday, August 29, 2021

crafting with grandma - Special Family Scrabble Picture!

Do you like to make unique, special gifts for the people on your gift list? Do you enjoy helping your grandchildren learn to make unique special gifts for the people on their gift list? There are only four months until Christmas, so if you'd like a great idea for a truly unique gift, try this one! You could help your grandchildren make this gift for their parents!

Who Am I? I Am His!

 One of the most important things we can ever do as grandmas is to help our grandchildren know who they really are! This world sends so many conflicting - and flat out wrong - messages about who they are; we need to stand up and help our grandchildren know the truth of who they are . . . they are God's immensely loved, and forgiven, children! If we are going to be successful  at helping our grandchildren know this truth, we need to believe it about ourselves, first. Take a few minutes to enjoy this song from Casting Crowns - Who Am I - from their album, Casting Crowns and really pay attention to the lyrics. Make them your prayer. 

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Seven Ideas for Showing Our Love

As grandmas, (and grandpas, too) we certainly want everything we do and say to cause our grandchildren to "feel" our love. But, how do we do this - especially when they may not live where we see them in person every day? Consider the following . . . 

grandma's bookshelf - Sidney and Norman - a tale of two pigs

Today I'm happy to let you know about a book I particularly enjoy. It is an older book, but definitely one worth getting if you do not already have it.

I love children's books because they typically tell a good story, with illustrations and a point . . . something to talk about with children. But I also love children's books because more often than not they have a point for adults, too! This book is most certainly one such book . . . while you may think it is a children's book . . . it is actually a book for adults!

Friday, August 27, 2021

Make Your Own Hobby Horse

If you are looking for a fun craft to make with the children you love, check out this quick, fun, hobby horse! You will find the directions at this link.

Saving Those Treasures!

Today I want to share with you something my oldest grandson did when he was nearly three years old. He came to visit me and as he walked up to my house, he saw me standing on the steps . . . he ran, with a huge smile and said, "Grandma! I have a picture for you! I made you a picture!" He gave me a wonderful hug and handed me his artwork - it was a drawing of a red truck and a heart . . . I know this because when he draws, he tells us what he is drawing and then asks us to write it down before we put it on my refrigerator. I love his picture and will treasure it always!

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Love & Grace - the Driving Forces

It is essential for us as grandmas (and grandpas, too) to be people who model loving and extending grace at all times in our relationship with our grandchildren. They need to know for sure, no matter what happens, no matter what they say or do, we will always love them and always show them grace.

grandma's cookbook . . . Peanut-Butter Balls!

If you are looking for a recipe for a treat which is beyond enjoyable . . . these peanut-butter balls are for you! I made them for Dave 40 years ago and within a month and a half, he proposed to me! :^) Wonderful things happen when you make these peanut-butter balls for people! :^)                                                   

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

crafting with grandma - Sharpie Coasters

Sharpie tiles - http://blog.sharpie.com/category/ideas/While I firmly believe every day you spend with a grandchild is a grandparent's day filled with the best "gift" of all - time with a grandchild - September 12, 2021 is the "official" date for Grandparent's Day this year. Since I know many of my readers are moms and dads, I thought it would be fun to share ideas for fun projects you might have your children work on so they can give them to their grandparents on Grandparent's Day. As I looked for an idea, I found a fun one on Pinterest for Sharpie Coasters!

It Just Takes a Few, Simple Words

One time, a few years ago, when my grandsons were at my house, my then six-year-old grandson was talking when I told him something which had a huge impact on him. I looked at him and said; “Do you know why I know God loves me?

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Hand Down Confident Faith - Remember & Be Thankful

I enjoy it very much when my grandsons go on vacation with their parents - the photos from their week exploring new places bring such happiness to my heart! I love being able to see their faces reflect their joy at accomplishing a physical feat (such as climbing to the top of an almost-mountain in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and being able to see all the way to Lake Superior), or exploring in amazing caves in Ohio, or kayaking, or whatever it is they did wherever it is they went. I know the memories they have of these trips will bring them joy as well.

grandma's cookbook - Apple, Apple Pie!

apple pie dessert yum!You may be thinking I had a typo in my title for this post; after all, I did type, "apple" twice, but it is no typo! Fall is just around the corner and since I live in West Michigan; otherwise known as, "Apple Country", when Fall arrives my thoughts go to apples . . . apple cider, apple pie, apple muffins, caramel apples . . . well, you get it . . . apples!

Monday, August 23, 2021

It Is The Right Time to Share Those Kind, Affirming, Encouraging Words

Today is a big day for my family - after a year and a half of at home school for my youngest grandson, and a mix of at home and in class school for my two older grandsons, today they all return to in class school. Certainly, along with being a big day, it is also a day with some about of "concern" attached to it as well. Covid is still a concern, and Delta makes it more of a concern for the boys, and for those of us who love them. But, school is starting, everyone will be wearing masks, and along with the concern, there is also an excitement for life to move along so they are able to experience the new school year.

grandma's cookbook - Ham & Cheese Pretzel Bites!

ham and cheese pretzel bitesToday I am happy to share with you a recipe I saw on Pinterest which sounds like a fun recipe to try with the ones you love! After all, what could be more fun than making home made ham and cheese  pretzel bites? :-)

Sunday, August 22, 2021

crafting with grandma - Fingerprint Snowman Ornament!

I know it feels like Christmas is a ways away since it still August, but in just four months, Christmas will be just days away! So, if you are looking for an idea for an ornament which your grandchildren can actually make, look at this great idea I found on Pinterest!

Fun with Grandsons - Handprint Shirts

With back-to-school sales, it is the perfect time to grab some simple, black t-shirts. Why you ask? They are perfect for making handprint t-shirts - just grab some fluorescent  paints and you are ready to have some fun making special shirts!

Saturday, August 21, 2021

crafting with grandma - Chalkboard Placemats, Lunch Box Lids and Containers!

Chalkboard Place MatsI'm really happy to share with you an idea I found on Pinterest for making chalkboard placemats! What a fun and simple craft - one your grandchildren could help you make - which you can use at your house . . . and make extras to send home . . . so your grandchildren can practice writing or math or whatever while they wait for their meals, or wait to be excused from the table . . . or just for fun! Check this link for all the directions!

grandma's cookbook - Apple Pie Cookies

Fall is just around the corner. Today we drove through the area around where I live and saw hundreds - possibly even thousands of apple trees filled with apples! This put me in the mood for apple pie. So, when I browsed on Pinterest  and saw a recipe for Apple Pie Cookies, I knew I was going to have to make some and share the recipe with you!

Friday, August 20, 2021

The Best Legacy Ever

My grandsons return to school on Monday - in person school. For the past year and a half my youngest grandson has been at my house Tuesdays and Thursdays as he worked through remote learning due to covid, and then he and his older brother were here on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the summer. I have so enjoyed this time with them!

grandma's cookbook - Chocolatiest, Chocolaty, Chocolate Cake!

My grandsons are quite surprising - in many ways, but one is in how they do not typically ask for many sweet treats. But, from time to time they do enjoy my  Chocolatiest, Chocolaty, Chocolate Cake (triple chocolate cake)! It is a very tasty cake, so I thought I'd share the recipe with you!

Thursday, August 19, 2021

God's Fingerprints are on His Most Amazing Creations

With our grandchildren returning to school I wanted to write to encourage you to take time (in person or through tech) to connect with your grandchildren and praise God together for His amazing creation - tell them about the Carrier Crab and Fire Urchin to help equip them with the truth and some of the "whys" for believing God is real, as they return to school. 

Remember; They Are Watching!

Image result for clipart for eyesI've been blessed to enjoy a busy and wonderful summer with sweet, rascal boys . . . they have spent Tuesdays and Thursdays at our house while their parents were at work, and Friday or Saturday nights on sleepover! We have had so much fun!

Mixed in with all this fun, I've noticed something which has reminded me of something important. First, what I have noticed . . . 

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

crafting with grandma - Hand Woven Willow Baskets

I was browsing on Pinterest this morning and found a pin for a project you would work on with older grandchildren to help them make really wonderful gifts for their parents for Christmas (which is just a touch over four months away!). What is this, "wonderful gift"??? Woven baskets!

grandma's chuckles - Hugs - They are Good for You!

Image result for clip art for hugs from grandmaMy grandsons are at my house often, but today I'm remembering a time six years ago when they were here - they spent the night and as we were getting ready for bed, I hugged Shane, hugged Caleb, and asked Josiah if he wanted a hug, too. He did, so of course, I happily hugged him. 

Monday, August 16, 2021

We Must Act Now

The past year and a half has had its challenges, but these challenges have given us the opportunity to open our eyes and see the truth which has been before us - more and more families are experiencing significant change as their grown children and grandchildren are walking away from faith. 

I am in Favor of Celebrating!

Image result for clipart for milestonesThroughout my grandsons' lives we have celebrated mile-stones in their lives - such as when they were potty-trained, started school, and when they started in the Middle School Ministry. Milestones are excellent opportunities to celebrate! 

Sunday, August 15, 2021

crafting with grandma - Craft Stick Wrist Bands/Bracelets

I saw this project for bracelets made out of craft sticks on Pinterest a couple years ago and thought it might be fun to try, but could never get it to work. Very disappointing. 

It's Our Job to Obey What God Has Decided

As grandmas it is our "job" to pray and hand down confident faith - we know this and it is our joy to do so. It is also our "job" to love our grandchildren - and certainly we fell in love with them the very first time we saw and held them. Loving our grandchildren is the easiest "job" we will ever have.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Our Special Song - Try It with Your Grandchildren!

When my grandsons were little I sang a particular song to them at nap-time and bedtime. When I sang this song, they stopped fussing, and peacefully went to sleep. I may have had to sing it thirty times in a row, but they always settled down and went to sleep with a smile on their face!

grandma's cookbook - Caramel Apple Slices

I live in West Michigan - otherwise known as, "Apple Country"! Just a hop-skip-and-a-jump down the road from my home is an apple orchard . . . and there are orchards all throughout the county in which I live. But, in all the years I've lived in this area (I was born here), I have never even heard of Caramel Apple Slices . . . except for this morning when I was browsing on Pinterest!

Friday, August 13, 2021

Our Testimony

The last year and a half has been one we, and the ones we love, are not likely to soon forget. Covid has changed our lives in many ways. For some of us, far too many of us, it has meant the loss of people we love. For some of us, far too many of us, it has meant not seeing or being with the ones we love. And, for some of us, it has meant spending much more time with our grandchildren as we helped care for them so their parents were able to continue to go to work. Regardless of what the last year and a half has been like for you, it is likely not one you will forget.

Make Your Own Pillows!

My sister shared on her facebook a fun and simple idea for making pillows and  I'm sharing it with you! All you need are old t-shirts, pillows and scissors . . . very, very easy!

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Stuck in the Mud & Correct Science

Today I'm remembering how a few years ago my grandsons and I were talking about how they were going to be participating in the Mud Run. My six-year old grandson asked me if he might get stuck in the mud. I laughed and told him I was sure he would not get stuck - just muddy and wet!

The "Role" of Grandma - Become a "Student" of Your Grandchildren

When I think about the "role" of grandma, I do believe it is essential for me to become a "student" of my grandchildren. It is my job, my "role", to get to know them and what makes them "tick".

This matters so much, for several reasons. Consider the following . . . 

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

We Have a Winner!

I am happy to say Leela is the winner of the Chris Tomlin t-shirt - please email - lyndagcj@gmail.com to let me know your size and mailing address asap!

Raspberry Ice Cream Pie

If you would like to make a special dessert for a summer get-together, but do not particularly want to bake, all you need is a can of apple/raspberry juice concentrate, mixed it with a tub of Extra Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream from Bryers, mix two cartons of heavy cream, combined everything and put it into two cookie pie crusts (graham would work fine; as would chocolate cookie crust if you like chocolate and raspberry, but my favorite is the shortbread cookie crust!) then pop them into the freezer.

This is What it is All About

I am very blessed to have my grandsons over for a sleepover pretty much every Friday or Saturday. Today I'm remembering a sleepover from a couple years ago. On this particular evening there was a bonfire at our house. The boys enjoyed roasting marshmallows and chatted with the people who were here. At one point they were talking about believing in Jesus and my grandsons said; "We believe in Jesus. Our grandma told us about Him and she never lies."

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Happiness Happens Month & Fudge

August is, "Happiness Happens Month". I personally think every month should be a month to celebrate what makes you happy, but apparently August is a time to be sure to do so. So . . . take time today to bring happiness to your life and the lives of those you love.

Let's Put Covid Behind Us - Wear Our Mask & Get Our Shot

I did an informal poll of churches in my area and I was only able to find one church which is requiring masks in their building. I am not able to express how disappointed I am with the leadership and members of churches. Covid/delta is continuing to kill people. Children are starting to fill hospitals across our country - and are being put on ventilators. This did not need to happen and does not need to continue to happen. If everyone would have gotten their shot when they met the criteria, delta would not have even happened. (Watch the interview at this link with Dr. Francis Collins - Director of the National Institute of Health - for the facts.)

Monday, August 9, 2021

Baked Donuts!!!

Baked Doughnuts Recipe - ZipListOkay, today is not "Donut Day", but I think every day should be! I really do LOVE donuts . . . but, since they are not particularly good for me, I rarely eat them. However; with this new recipe I found on Pinterest, I may start eating them more often - still not a lot, but more often! After all, baked donuts can't be that terribly bad for me . . . can they? :-)

Grandparents Day - Send Kisses!

Today I'm happy to share with you an idea for a craft which you could make for someone special in your life - and if you are a parent who is reading this looking for a fun, simple idea for your children to make a great gift for their grandparents for Grandparents Day, (which is just a month away) take a look at this one!

Sunday, August 8, 2021